José Antonio Pérez Sánchez committed 7bba2f7

urxvt bindings; brightness script

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 *faceName: Inconsolata\ Medium
-*faceSize: 14
+*faceSize: 16
 XTerm*termName: xterm-256color
 !! for apps that do not support fontconfig
 !! URxvt config
 URxvt*loginShell: true
 URxvt*termName: rxvt-unicode-256color
-URxvt.font: xft:Inconsolata-dz for Powerline:size=14:antialias=true:hinting=true
+!URxvt.font: xft:Inconsolata-dz for Powerline:size=16:antialias=true:hinting=true
+URxvt.font: xft:Inconsolata Medium:size=16:antialias=true:hinting=true
 URxvt.perl-ext-common:  default,matcher,font-size
 URxvt.urlLauncher:      /usr/bin/luakit
 URxvt.keysym.C-Delete:  perl:matcher:last
 URxvt.keysym.M-Delete:  perl:matcher:list
-URxvt.keysym.C-S-1: perl:font-size:increase
-URxvt.keysym.C-S-2: perl:font-size:decrease
+URxvt.keysym.C-S-Up: perl:font-size:increase
+URxvt.keysym.C-S-Down: perl:font-size:decrease


 current=$(cat $dev)
 case "$1" in
-  up)
+  up|+)
     val=$(($current + 1))
     echo $val >$dev
-  down)
+  down|-)
     val=$(($current - 1))
     echo $val >$dev
+  [0-9])
+    echo $1 >$dev
+    ;;
 echo "Brighness = $(cat $dev)"
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