Welcome to tkInterStatsDistroFit, an example of creating
a cross-platform statistical distribution fitting application 
using tkinter and the pyeq3 fitting library.

Step 1: Install Python 3, tk, scipy and matplotlib

On Debian or Ubuntu Linux, you can use this command:

sudo apt-get install python3-tk python3-scipy python3-matplotlib

On other operating systems, try the Canopy Express Free version:

NOTE: if you would like to create PDF files of the fitting results,
please also install reportlab using pip:

pip3 install reportlab

Step 2: Install the pyeq3 fitting library with pip

From a command prompt, run the command

pip3 install pyeq3

Step 3: Run the tkInterStatsDistroFit example

From a command prompt run this command:


Step 4: Celebrate

You are now fitting statistical distributions using tkinter!

I hope you find this code useful, and to that end I have sprinkled
explanatory comments throughout the code.  If you have any questions
or comments, please e-mail me directly at
or by posting to the user group at the URL!forum/zunzun_dot_com

James R. Phillips
2548 Vera Cruz Drive
Birmingham, AL 35235 USA