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Edney Matias
created an issue

Hi there!

It would be great if the dashboard portlets could show the report filters marked as available during runtime.

It also would be nice to have a link to the report on the portlet so fewer clicks would be necessary to see the full report. Some graphs, for instance, have a related table and currently I have to go through all reports to find out which one has the graph shown on the dashboard.



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  1. Edney Matias reporter

    Hi there.

    I think this problem could be solved using a different approach. Instead of showing the filters directly on the applet, Zurmo could present them on the portlet configuration popup. Only the filters available during run time would be shown so the same report could be used to present different results on the dashboard. This is the same approach used by the My Open Tasks applet, if I want to change the results listed I have to reconfigure the applet or add a new one.



  2. Edney Matias reporter


    of course it would also be great if one could choose the title of the portlet so it would be easy to know what filters are applied in each portlet.

    Thank you.


  3. Ivica Nedeljkovic

    We implement similar feature, which allow to see your favorite(starred) reporters on dashboard. We do not plan to add additional improvement to this, hope having starred reports would help you.

  4. Edney Matias reporter

    Hi Ivica, I also saw some movements towards linking graphs and reports. Will that hit open source Zurmo? I think that starred heports and the links would help a lot! Thank you.

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