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importing leads from csv fails at 50 records

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When importing leads and specifying dedupe options the import fails.

In the importtableXX table, before import starts, the analysisStatus is set to 1 for new records and 3 for records to be skipped.

When import is run, the first 50 records are processed and all set to 3 in the status column with the serializedMessages column reading a:1:{i:0;s:60:"The record will be skipped during import due to dedupe rule.";}

Then it stops processing records. I have attached the resulting table data.

Application Info This is version 3.1.5 of Zurmo. Zurmo uses the following great Open Source tools and frameworks: Yii Framework (version 1.1.17 is installed) RedBeanPHP ORM (version 3.2 is installed) jQuery JavaScript Framework (with Yii)

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