CSS for WebForm overwrites existing CSS Tags

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Matthew Macdonald-Wallace created an issue

Hi all,

I'm running Zurmo Webforms on www.mockingbirdconsulting.co.uk which is a wordpress site with a custom theme based on https://www.creative-tim.com/product/now-ui-kit-pro

If I allow the default CSS on the CRM Webform, then the form renders nicely but my header image disappears zurmo_css_issue_1.png

If I "exclude css styles" then the header image comes back, but the form is really badly formatted. zurmo_css_issue_2.png

Is there any way to get the nice formatting and the header image?



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  1. Matthew Macdonald-Wallace reporter

    ok, so part of this is that it creates a div with a class/id of "wrapper", which is also defined at the top of the page in my own theme, just working out the code change required now...

  2. Matthew Macdonald-Wallace reporter

    I can confirm that the above is the issue here - if you want to use Zurmo with your website, then don't have your content inside a div with a style of "wrapper".

    Now I just need to work out where in the source code the <input> boxes get their styling from...

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