PHP 7.1 PHP Notice: A non well formed numeric value encountered

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Oleg Lyakhoven created an issue

The problem during installation happens when the hashes are calculated:

This part of code causes by this: microtime() * mt_rand()

It happens because microtime() returns value 0.91890200 1527509315 which contains space and this space makes multiplying crash.

What can be done: str_replace(' ', '', microtime()) or something else.

I can try to prepare PR if it's possible for you to accept it.

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  1. Tahar Snoussi

    Hi Oleg, thanks for the fix, juste got blocked on" Connecting to Database." after using your fix any tips how to fix that. Best regards

  2. Oleg Lyakhoven reporter

    I believe that something is wrong with your database configuration. You have to have correct database settings in your config and have to be available to connect to database any other tools. Also, I don't remember exactly, but the user should be privileged, because it creates database and tables.

  3. Matheus Bertonha

    Hello Tahar. I'm having the same problem that you had, could you help me by saying which file you made changes to work?

  4. Tahar Snoussi

    Hello Matheus, i found a excellant post from a member of Zurmo official forum but for some strange reason i cant login ( the recaptcha system is not working) to share the link so i invite you to de a search there and if i manage to login i will poste the link here. Br

  5. Adriano Moreira

    Hi Tahar, I would like to know if you already have the link to solve the problem, I searched the Zurmo forum but I did not find the solution. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Note: I apologize, but I used google translate

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