HTML INJECTION (zurmo-stable-

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Provensec Security created an issue

Affected software: Zurmo CRM (zurmo-stable-

Type of vulnerability: HTML INJECTION

Vulnerable URL:

Discovered by: BreachLock


Author: Balvinder Singh

Description: HTML injection is a type of injection issue that occurs when a user is able to control an input point and is able to inject arbitrary HTML code into a vulnerable web page. This vulnerability can have many consequences, like disclosure of a user's session cookies that could be used to impersonate the victim, or, more generally, it can allow the attacker to modify the page content seen by the victims.

Proof of concept:

Step1: Login into the zurmo crm using the admin role.

Step2: In the report section, create a report using the malicious HTML code i.e. <h1>HTMLINJECTIONEXECUTED</h1>

Step3: Here the name parameter is vulnerable to HTML INJECTION. (Screenshot attached)

Step4: Then the HTML injection got executed successfully. (Screenshot attached)

VulnerableURL: http://localhost/zurmo/zurmo/app/index.php/reports/default/details?id=1

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