Installation on Debian6/Apache2/PostgreSQL8.4

Issue #58 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

I'm installing Zurmo on on Debian6/Apache2/PostgreSQL8.4. Everything is installed using standard packages and with default configuration, except for Memcache, which is not installed. I can successfully launch a


page, which confirms everything except the optional Memcached is in place. When I fill the form on the next page, I cannot move any further. Probably due to some javascript, as Apache log shows no traces, nor any error is displayed. If some required input is missing, JS-generated error messages are displayed.

Please, advise.

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  1. Ivica Nedeljkovic

    The reason is because you are using PostgreeSQL, and we still haven't tested Zurmo on other db systems except MySql or support other db systems(but have in our plans since we used RedBeanPHP ORM for database abstraction), so I suggest to use Zurmo with MySql database for now.

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