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Issue #69 resolved

Issue with My Open Tasks portlet

Ray Stoeckicht
created an issue

When adding Owner to the My Open Tasks portlet and trying to sort, an error occurs (see screenshot). Also, it appears that no header can be sorted besides "Due On". Need to make everything sortable. Another thing, when editing the My Open Tasks portlet and going into the List Filters, I want to see other users' Tasks. I try selecting Owner (for example, Jim) and nothing happens. You click Jim from the list of users and then the screen navigates away and the portlet does not show Jim's open tasks. Strange

Comments (7)

  1. Ray Stoeckicht reporter

    This error message is fixed. When clicking on name and sorting, it is difficult to discern if it is sorting properly because most users have the same last name "Smith". I imagine it sorts by last name? If so, then i guess it's working. The tasks are not clustered together by user, but scattered across all the Smith users. You can close this ticket

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