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Issue #77 resolved

AddsSubject to notes and show subject in Latest Activities

Roel Knapen
created an issue

By default notes now only have a description field. Long descriptions clutter up your activity timeline.

Therefore: wouldn't it be more user friendly to add a (mandatory) subject line to a note and a (voluntary) description field? And then in the activity timeline only show the subject line with a hyperlink to the description information.

In this way you get a much better overview when scanning the timeline for a certain note.

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  1. zurmo repo owner

    (Reply via ja...@zurmo.com):

    Roel, We decided to go just with a description box to keep it simple. The fact that it clutters your timeline is the issue we should focus on resolving I think. Can you send me a screenshot of how it looks when it is cluttered? I have some ideas how we can fix it but first want to take a look at what you are experiencing. Thanks for submitting this issue

    -----Original Message----- From: Roel Knapen [mailto:issues-reply@bitbucket.org] Sent: Friday, November 30, 2012 5:23 AM To: bitbucket@zurmo.com Subject: [zurmo/zurmo] AddsSubject to notes and show subject in Latest Activities (issue #77)

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