Kostya Marchenko committed b0074fa

Modified extension to work properly with test suites

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         Check.isFalse(commandCall.hasChildCommands(), "Nesting commands inside 'concordionCamera' is not supported");
         //Check if camera is already started
-        if(ConcordionCamera.started()){
+        if (ConcordionCamera.started()) {
      * Generate video file name based on spec name, date and time
-     * @return
+     * @return name of video file for current spec
     private String getVideoFileName() {
-        String specPrefix = Helpers.getFilePrefix(resource.getName());
-        return Joiner.on("_").join(specPrefix, Helpers.getTodaysDateTime());
+        return Joiner.on("_").join(getSpecName(), Helpers.getTodaysDateTime());
+    }
+    /**
+     * Retrieves name of current specification
+     *
+     * @return specification name
+     */
+    private String getSpecName() {
+        return Helpers.getFilePrefix(resource.getName());
     public void afterProcessingSpecification(SpecificationProcessingEvent specificationProcessingEvent) {
         //Stop camera after specification is executed
         try {
+            //Don't touch camera if it was started by different spec
+            if (!ConcordionCamera.getVideoFileName().contains(getSpecName())) {
+                return;
+            }
         } catch (Exception e) {


     Just a dummy test with concordion camera command in it's body
-    <span cx:concordionCamera="avi"/>
+    <span cx:concordionCamera="quicktime"/>
 <div class="example">


 <h1>Sample Test Suite</h1>
-<span cx:concordionCamera="avi"/>
+<span cx:concordionCamera="quicktime"/>
     Just sample test suite with concordionCamera command in it's body<br/>
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