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I cannot see named branches in neither the file history nor the changelog. We use named branches extensively and really need them to make sense of our history. One way of displaying this information would be to use "hgtk log" instead of your own history GUI - have you considered this?

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  1. Anonymous

    I now see that you address the suggestion of using hgtk elsewhere. I understand your considerations (and I agree that mandatory shell integration can be annoying), but I second the opinion that there is a lot of functionality in the hgtk tools, and they are being very actively maintained, so it would be nice to leverage them from your tools (which seems to be the best and most actively maintained VS integration for HG).

    Thank you for hgsccpackage!

    Regards, Povl

  2. Sergey Antonov repo owner
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    Yes, named branches are not shown in revision graph control yet. This is also true for current revision, it also does not shown. I'm working on it.

    As a workaround you can use MS Visual Studio feature for external tools.

    1. Use menu Tools -> External Tools...
    2. Click Add button
    3. Write folowing in the fields:
    • Title: HG annotate
    • Command: hgtk.exe
    • Arguments: annotate $(ItemPath)
    • Initial directory: $(ItemDir)

    Then, just select a file in solution explorer and run this tool via Tools->HG annotate menu. You can do this for all commands you need, if those are available from hgkt.

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