Avoiding adding Scc* elements in solution and project files

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Is it possible to keep .sln and .csproj files clean of <Scc-like elements?

Up to my knowledge they doesn't have any particular value for HgSccPackage but once added it makes it quite difficult to open with any another SccPackage (like AnkhSVN).

I'm using HgSubversion extension and it is difficult to work with other developers who use SVN for SCC.

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  1. Sergey Antonov repo owner
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    The visual studio uses these <Scc*> elements to activate an apropriate source code control provider on project load. This is very convenient, if you have several SCC providers installed. But not so convenient, if you dont have it installed at all.

    Since v1.0.7 of HgSccPackage it is possible to work with a projects that do not have Scc bindings, but are allready in the mercurial repository. But, if you add a new project to the solution via 'Add to source control' menu, HgSccPackage will add the Scc bindings to the projects and solution.

    I can make it configurable in the plugin options. As a workaround, you can remove these Scc bindings right before the commit after using 'Add to source control' command.

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