Make dialog windows non-modal

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Eugene Baranov
created an issue

In my opinion it will be more convenient to have Commit, Synchronize etc. dialog windows as non-modal. That way it view be possible to view any file (for instance from View History) directly in Visual Studio.

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  1. Sergey Antonov repo owner

    I have this feature in my TODO list, but it requires quite a lot of work and time to implement, which I don't have at the moment. Note, that I'm working on this project alone at my spare time.

    It would be nice if someone helps me with implementing some of the pending features and contribute to the project.

  2. MaXKilleR
    • changed version to 1.3.3

    I am dealing with your modal dialog problem at the moment. It was not difficult to free the commit window and I am sure the rest are just as easy, but I think making a Tool Window of them would be better. You can then dock or keep it floating.

  3. Shea Martin

    This is the feature I miss most from VisualHg. I generally use comamnd line or SourceTree for synchronizing (pull/update/merge/push). But the ability to keep track of which files are changed, and quickly commit from VS are the features I use all the time. Unfortunately VisualHg's change tracking is broken, and HgScc has no pending changes window... yet.

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