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Suggested by others but here's an explicit request.

It would be the perfect tool if you could open the modified files directly in VS from the Commit window.

Is this difficult to implement? Would make the tool much more useful.

This is a great plugin!! Thanks for your work!!

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  1. Sergey Antonov repo owner

    I guess you want to open modified file in the same instance of VS ?

    Unfortunately, right now all HgSccPackage windows (including Commit window) are modal. There are requests to make these windows non-modal, but it is hard to implement.

    I guess you want a syntax highlighting when you view a file in a Commit window ? The only workaround right now is to install some editor with syntax highlighting support and make it default editor in mercurial configuration instead of notepad.

    To change a default mercurial editor create or edit your Mercurial.ini (located in your home directory: C:\Users\YourUserName or C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName) as follows:

    editor = "C:\Program Files\YourFavoriteEditor\editor_app.exe"

    There are quite a lot of the freeware editors, for example: Notepad++, Notepad2, SciTE, etc...

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