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Beginners guide

Simon Martin
created an issue

Would you consider putting together a beginners / quick start guide to HgSccPackage - though it is possible to work it out, just a quick step-by-step bullet list would help over come initial teething problems and me and my team (all of which are new to Mercurial) are having to work things out and establish working practices as we go.

For example we've had mixed success in creating local copies of master repos, it pulls down the project, but then doesn't open it in Visual Studio and when I have opened it the Commit functionality isn't available but the option to add to source control is. I'm sure I'm just doing something unexpected, but don't really know what's expected...

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  1. Sergey Antonov repo owner

    Well, yes, I think now is a good time to write some guide/walkthrough for common operations with HgSccPackage for beginners. I hope I'll find enough free time soon to write one.

    There is no automatic opening of a project/solution after clonning yet. There are several uses cases which I should handle, but I don't know a best way yet:

    • Multiple solutions in the cloned repository
    • No solution in the repository
    • Backup clone for the currently opened project (which you do not want to autoload)
    • etc

    Anyway, I'm aware of this issue and will find a way to fix it.

    HgSccPackage commands have some conditions:

    • Commit command is enabled only when there are uncommited changes in the repository. So, that is probably why you have it disabled for freshly clonned repository.
    • Revert command is enabled when you select modified file/hierarchy in solution expoler
    • Compare command enablend when you select modified file in solution expoler
    • Add to source control command is allways enabled for WebSite projects, because this projects are handled differently from other project types in HgSccPackage. For web site projects you can manually add files. For other project types the 'Add to Source Control' command is enabled only when there are uncontrolled project/solution is selected in solution explorer.
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