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Issue #60 resolved

Cannot activate the plugin on 64 bit Win7 Enterprise

Anonymous created an issue

I cannot seem to get the plugin to activate in either VS2008 or VS2010 on my Win7 64bit Enterprise dev box.

In both cases the plugin fails to load and I get an error message telling me that there was problem loading the plugin.

Colleagues HAVE got the plugin working in 32 bit Win7 Enterprise, so it seems to be related to my 64 bit environment?

Suggestions? Comments?


Allan Strydom Derivco South Africa

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  1. Sergey Antonov repo owner

    What version of mercurial do you have ? Does it run in command line ? (run hg version in cmd.exe) ?

    What error message exactly you have on plugin activation ?

  2. Mystic Artifact

    I see similar issue with v. 1.8.1 before on x64 (not at all machines), but plugin successfully activated in MSVS2010 SP1 if msvs started under elevated administrator. May be this is installation issue.

  3. Dmitrii Lobanov

    Has the same problem, Windows 7 x64 Pro, TortoiseHg 2.1.1 x64. BTW. hg.exe isn't accessible from command prompt, i.e. if I type in cmd hg.exe it fails to find executable, I have to type full path to TortoiseHg executable. Can it be the cause of the problem?

    The VS error message is:

    Microsoft Visual Studio
    The 'HgSccPackage.SccProvider, HgSccPackage, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' package did not load correctly.
    The problem may have been caused by a configuration change or by the installation of another extension. You can get more information by running the application together with the /log parameter on the command line, and then examining the file 'C:\Users\dlobanov\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0\ActivityLog.xml'.
    Continue to show this error message?
    Да   Нет   
  4. Sergey Antonov repo owner

    Yes, HgSccPackage uses mercurial command line client under the hood.

    At startup HgSccPackage looks for any hg executable (hg.exe, hg.cmd, hg.bat, etc) in the folders, referenced in the PATH environment variable. Executable files are those, which have an extension from the list in PATHEXT environment variable.

    To view a environment variables you can run "set" command in cmd.exe.

    Basically, you should type "hg" without extension to check if the mercurial client is available in cmd. If the mercurial command line client "hg" is not found, then HgSccPackage will not work.

  5. Anonymous

    I am running into the same issue and hg.exe is in my path variable so it's not that. I am in the process of removing various other extensions and addons to try to narrow down the cause. I am running VS2010 on Windows 7 x64. I am also using TortoiseHg 2.1.2.

  6. Anonymous

    I just posted the previous post. I tried the trick mentioned earlier of starting visual studio as an administrator and the problem did not occur for me either. Now that I have set the version control to use mercurial it seems to run fine when I start VS as my normal administrative user and not as the administrator.

  7. Alex Drel

    I had the same issue with HgSccPackage failed to load unless VS started as Administrator. The cause was that TortoiseHG was installed in the same session and the path variable was not yet into effect for the normal user. After Windows restart the hg.exe became available from the normal (non elevated) command prompt and the issue was resolved. Win 8 x64, Tortoise HG 2.5, HgScc 1.9, VS 2012.

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