Create new repository doesn't make sure it will be of type 'Mercurial'

Issue #70 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

When using HgScc to create a new repository on BitBucket - it always creates the repository of type that was previously created: i.e. if the last created repository was of type 'Git', a new 'Git' type repository will be created.

(I am using the latest version: 1.8.5, and this was confirmed on 2 different machines: Windows7 x64 + VS 2010, Windows8 developer preview (x64) + VS 11)

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  1. Maciej Talaska

    Thanks a lot. I love HgScc but recently I couldn't figure out why it was impossible to push changes to my newly created repository. As I am aware of it right now, it is not a huge problem, but would be nice to have it fixed. Thank you very much for your hard work!

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