Expression Blend 3 cannot open projects.

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When I try to open the solution or a porject file from Expression Blend 3, nothing is being loaded.

When I remove following lines from the csproj file, Expression Blend successfully opens the project.

<SccProjectName>&lt;Project Location In Database&gt;</SccProjectName>

<SccLocalPath>&lt;Local Binding Root of Project&gt;</SccLocalPath>

<SccAuxPath>&lt;Source Control Database&gt;</SccAuxPath>

<SccProvider>Mercurial Source Control Package</SccProvider>

I had SVN and AnkhSVN before hg, and this was not an issue.

Thank you very much.

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  1. Sergey Antonov repo owner
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    Well, looks like that Expression Blend 3 supports integration only with MS Team Foundation Server for source control.

    The lines started with Scc* are used as bindings for source code control in MS Visual Studio projects. MSVS uses these bindings to determine that project is under source code control and also to load correct SCC provider on project opening, if you have several providers installed.

    What version of AnkhSVN you use ? As stated on its site, started from v2.0 of AnkhSVN it is source code control provider (not just an add-in), so it also should write Scc* lines in controlled MSVS project files.

  2. kerem reporter

    I was using AnkhSVN 2.1.7444 and yes it was adding Scc* lines to project files though it was fine with Blend 3.

    It wasn't integrated with Expression Blend as a source control provider but project files were opening in Blend. I was making changes in the Blend and committing from Visual Studio.

  3. Sergey Antonov repo owner

    Ok, I found what stops Expression Blend 3 from loading solutions. It was not Scc* lines in project files, but HgSccPackage properties for projects in solution file (.sln).

    It is now fixed in trunk in changeset f2c6546fe3d2. This fix will be included in v1.0.5 of HgSccPackage.

    As a workaround for v1.0.4 you can manualy edit .sln file and remove folowing lines:

    GlobalSection(MercurialSourceControlSolutionProperties) = preSolution SolutionIsControlled = True SolutionBindings = <Solution Location In Database> EndGlobalSection

    in all Project/EndProject sections.

    After that it should work with both HgSccPackage in MSVS and Expression Blend 3. But, if you change a solution in IDE (for example Add/Remove project) it will save project properties in solution and you will have to remove them again.

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