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HgSccPackage / Development



To build a package you must have folowing installed:

  • MS Visual Studio 2017 RC (Community or Professional edition or above)
  • MS Visual Studio 2017 SDK

Projects in solution:

HgSccPackage have folowing projects:

  • HgSccHelper - helper library, that contains:
    • Wrapper classes around mercurial command line client
    • Most of UI windows
    • Some utilite classes (ini files, merge tools discovery, logging and tracing, etc)
  • HgSccPackage - mercurial source code control package
    • Integration with IDE
    • Handling projects and solutions
    • Tracking solution items and status glyphs
    • Toolbar and context menu for solution explorer

Build configurations:

There are several configurations in solution:

  • Debug - usefull for development and debuging in the experimental hive
  • ReleaseDeploy - this configuration is used to create installation package

How to run Visual Studio in Experimental Hive:

  1. Set HgSccPackage as startup project in solution
  2. Modify HgSccPackage project properties in Debug property page as folows:
    1. Set "Start external program:" to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" (the path where you have your Visual Studio 2017 installed)
    2. Set "Command line arguments:" to "/rootsuffix Exp" (without quotes)
  3. Set solution configuration to "Debug"
  4. Run by F5 (with debug) or Ctrl + F5 (without debug)