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HgSccPackage is a source control package for MS Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015/2017/2019 for Mercurial version control system.

You can install HgSccPackage from MS Visual Studio gallery: Download

You must have the Mercurial v4.5 or higher installed. The folder with mercurial client (hg.exe) should be referenced in your PATH environment.

Note: MS Visual Studio 2008/2010 are still supported by additional .msi installer. You can get it here.

Once you've installed HgSccPackage, you need to configure VS to use it.

Version 2.0.6:

Changes from v2.0.5

  • Added support for MS Visual Studio 2019 Preview 3
  • Fixed showing seconds for changeset commit time in the GUI
  • Fixed null reference exception when sorting an empty grid view


  • Integration for MS Visual Studio 2008-2019
  • Files status icons in the solution explorer
  • Support for operations: Add, Copy, Remove, Commit, Revert, Rename, Resolve, Compare, Update, Tags, Push, Pull, Incoming, Outgoing, Merge, Clone, Bundle, Archive, Annotate (Blame), View File, Grep, Bookmarks, Rebase
  • File history dialog with support of file differencing
  • Support tracking of file renames in file history dialog
  • Support external file comparison tools
  • Toolbar for operations with Mercurial
  • Tracking changes for files modified outside of IDE
  • Revisions graph log. This feature is similar to hgk, hgview and tortoisehg change log window.
  • Support for merging revisions
  • Support for rebasing revisions
  • Support for multiple mercurial repositories in a solution
  • Support for inline file difference in most of package windows
  • Support for mercurial subrepositories
  • Support for bookmarks
  • Integration with Kiln
  • Integration with BitBucket


  • No support for Patch queues (MQ)


  • If you disable UseSccBindings option in package setting, then you will have to activate package manualy in case of working with projects with different source code control providers.


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Discussion group:

Discussion group


You may also find usefull an HgWin - a GUI tool for mercurial that uses HgSccPackage windows, but can be run as standalone tool from command line. HgWin home

Information for developers:

If you want to contribute or build a HgSccPackage yourself, look at the Development page