HgSccPackage is a source control package for MS Visual Studio 2008/2010/11 for Mercurial version control system.

You must have the Mercurial v2.1.1 or higher installed. The folder with mercurial client (hg.exe) should be referenced in your PATH environment. Once you've installed HgSccPackage, you need to configure VS to use it.

Version 1.9:

Changes from v1.8.5:

  • The package now uses mercurial via command server protocol. This change improved dialog windows startup, history browsing and overall performance.
  • Added initial support of filtering revisions by revsets in a graph log window
  • Speed up rename tracking in a file history and annotate windows
  • Remember height of changes list in annotate window
  • Added syntax highlighting for a Python language in annotate window
  • Show both parents for merged revisions as tab pages with changed files in file history and annotate windows
  • Always create a mercurial repository on BitBucket (fixed issue #70)
  • Show only mercurial repositories from BitBucket (without git)
  • BitBucket and Kiln repositories now odered by name
  • Run resolve command in non interactive mode. Otherwise, mercurial may ask about unchanged file after resolving and hang.
  • Show mercurial path and version at the About page in package options
  • Added a check for username before committing (fixed issue #71)
  • Changed required mercurial version to v2.1.1, because it contains an important bug fixes for a command server mode


  • Integration for MS Visual Studio 2008/2010/11
  • Files status icons in the solution explorer
  • Support for operations: Add, Copy, Remove, Commit, Revert, Rename, Resolve, Compare, Update, Tags, Push, Pull, Incoming, Outgoing, Merge, Clone, Bundle, Archive, Annotate (Blame), View File, Grep, Bookmarks, Rebase
  • File history dialog with support of file differencing
  • Support tracking of file renames in file history dialog
  • Support external file comparison tools
  • Toolbar for operations with Mercurial
  • Tracking changes for files modified outside of IDE
  • Revisions graph log. This feature is similar to hgk, hgview and tortoisehg change log window.
  • Support for merging revisions
  • Support for rebasing revisions
  • Support for multiple mercurial repositories in a solution
  • Support for inline file difference in most of package windows
  • Support for mercurial subrepositories
  • Support for bookmarks
  • Integration with Kiln
  • Integration with BitBucket


  • No support for Patch queues (MQ)


  • If you disable UseSccBindings option in package setting, then you will have to activate package manualy in case of working with projects with different source code control providers.


Some screenshots



Discussion group:

Discussion group


You may also find usefull an HgWin - a GUI tool for mercurial that uses HgSccPackage windows, but can be run as standalone tool from command line. HgWin home

Information for developers:

If you want to contribute or build a HgSccPackage yourself, look at the Development page


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