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HgSccPackage / ScreenShots


IDE, HgSccPackage toolbar and file icons in solution explorer

MS Visual Studio

Commit Window

Commit window

Commit Window (merging)

Commit window

Revisions graph (ChangeLog)

Revisions graph log

File history window

File history window

Synchronize window

Synchronize window

Update to revision/tag/branch

Update window

Add/Remove tag window

Tags window

Bookmarks window

Bookmarks window

Revert Window

Revert window

Merge Window

Merge window

Rebase Window

Rebase window

Clone Window

Clone window

Archive Window

Archive window

Bundle Window

Bundle window

Synchronize settings

Synchronize settings window

Path edit

Path edit window

Annotate Window (Blame)


Grep Window (Search with regepx)