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HgSccPackage / configVS

Once you have downloaded and installed HgSccPackage, you'll need to configure Visual Studio to use it.

1. On the Tools menu, choose Options.

2. At Source Control, choose Plugin Selection and select Mercurial Source Control Package.
Plugin selection

3. On the View menu, choose Toolbars and then choose Mercurial Souce Control Toolbar.

4. Your new toolbar is now available.
the toolbar

5. I found that even though all files in my project were already in Hg, I did have to use the 'Folder+' icon (Add to Source Control) for a single file. Once I did that, everything worked great!

Since v1.0.8 it is not necessary to perform step 6, you can do this using package GUI.

6. To perform repository operations with remote repository (for example bitbucket), edit your <repo>/.hg/hgrc file to have the following:

default =

If the file is not exists, you can create it manualy.

You can find more information for mercurial configuration here: Mercurial configuration


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