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HgWin is GUI tool for Mercurial version control system (similar to hgtk).

You must have the Mercurial v2.1.1 or higher installed. The folder with mercurial client (hg.exe) should be referenced in your PATH environment. You must have .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher installed.

Version 1.6.2:

Changes from v1.6.1:

  • Fixed bug with showing blank information for the initial revision in the repository
  • Fixed initial height of commit message textbox
  • Fixed an infinite hang for commands: Clone/Incoming/Outgoing/Pull/Push if they need to prompt for password. Now this commands are run in non-interactive mode, so they fail immediately with authorization error.
  • Fixed an error on HgWin activation if mercurial client is not found
  • Added an example of mercurial username syntax in commit dialog if the username is not set


  • Support for operations: Commit, Revert, Resolve, Compare, Update, Tags, Push, Pull, Incoming, Outgoing, Merge, Clone, Bundle, Archive, Annotate (Blame), View File, Grep, Bookmarks, Rebase
  • File history dialog with support of file differencing
  • Support tracking of file renames in file history dialog
  • Support external file comparison tools
  • Revisions graph log. This feature is similar to hgk, hgview and tortoisehg change log window
  • Support for merging revisions
  • Support for rebasing revisions
  • Support for showing inline file difference in most windows
  • Support for bookmarks
  • Integration with Kiln
  • Integration with BitBucket
Usage: HgWin <command>
        ar (archive) [rev]     - archive dialog
        ann (annotate) <file>  - annotate (blame) file
	book (bookmarks) [rev] - bookmarks dialog
        ci (commit)            - commit dialog
        clone                  - clone dialog
        grep                   - grep dialog
        log <file>             - file history
        log                    - revisions graph log
        merge [rev]            - merge dialog
        revert                 - revert dialog
        tag [rev]              - tag dialog
        sync                   - synchronize dialog
        up (update) [rev]      - update dialog


Some screenshots