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- for 0.4, we'll remove the "upgrading" 0.1,0.2,0.3 sections, these were very early versions
- include sqla 0.7 or 0.8 as recommended

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 Alembic's install process will ensure that `SQLAlchemy <http://www.sqlalchemy.org>`_
 is installed, in addition to other dependencies.  Alembic will work with
 SQLAlchemy as of version **0.6**, though with a limited featureset.
-The latest version of SQLAlchemy within the **0.7** series is strongly recommended.
-Upgrading from Alembic 0.2 to 0.3
-Alembic 0.3 is mostly identical to version 0.2 except for some API
-changes, allowing better programmatic access and less ambiguity
-between public and private methods.   In particular:
-* :class:`.ScriptDirectory` now features these methods - the old
-  versions have been removed unless noted:
-  * :meth:`.ScriptDirectory.iterate_revisions()`
-  * :meth:`.ScriptDirectory.get_current_head()` (old name ``_current_head`` is available)
-  * :meth:`.ScriptDirectory.get_heads()`
-  * :meth:`.ScriptDirectory.get_base()`
-  * :meth:`.ScriptDirectory.generate_revision()`
-  * :meth:`.ScriptDirectory.get_revision()` (old name ``_get_rev`` is available)
-  * :meth:`.ScriptDirectory.as_revision_number()` (old name ``_as_rev_number`` is available)
-* :meth:`.MigrationContext.get_current_revision()` (old name ``_current_rev`` remains available)
-* Methods which have been made private include ``ScriptDirectory._copy_file()``,
-  ``ScriptDirectory._generate_template()``, ``ScriptDirectory._upgrade_revs()``,
-  ``ScriptDirectory._downgrade_revs()``.   ``autogenerate._produce_migration_diffs``.
-  It's pretty unlikely that end-user applications
-  were using these directly.
-See the newly cleaned up :ref:`api` documentation for what are hopefully clearly
-laid out use cases for API usage, particularly being able to get at the revision
-information in a database as well as a script directory.
-Upgrading from Alembic 0.1 to 0.2
-Alembic 0.2 has some reorganizations and features that might impact an existing 0.1
-installation.   These include:
-* The naming convention for migration files is now customizable, and defaults
-  to the scheme "%(rev)s_%(slug)s", where "slug" is based on the message
-  added to the script.   When Alembic reads one of these files, it looks
-  at a new variable named ``revision`` inside of the script to get at the
-  revision identifier.   Scripts that use the new naming convention
-  will need to render this ``revision`` identifier inside the script,
-  so the ``script.py.mako`` file within an existing alembic environment
-  needs to have both ``revision`` and ``down_revision`` specified::
-        # revision identifiers, used by Alembic.
-        revision = ${repr(up_revision)}
-        down_revision = ${repr(down_revision)}
-  Existing scripts that use the 0.1 naming convention **don't have to be changed**,
-  unless you are renaming them.  Alembic will fall back to pulling in the version
-  identifier from the filename if ``revision`` isn't present, as long as the
-  filename uses the old naming convention.
-* The ``alembic.op`` and ``alembic.context`` modules are now generated
-  as a collection of proxy functions, which when used refer to an
-  object instance installed when migrations run.  ``alembic.op`` refers to
-  an instance of the :class:`.Operations` object, and ``alembic.context`` refers to
-  an instance of the :class:`.EnvironmentContext` object.  Most existing
-  setups should be able to run with no changes, as the functions are
-  established at module load time and remain fully importable.
+The latest version of SQLAlchemy within the **0.7** or **0.8** series is strongly recommended.