Issue #29 resolved

Allow specifying script_location as resource specification

Sok Ann Yap
created an issue

To deploy the migration scripts more easily, I intend to bundle the {{{script_location}}} directory together with my .egg package. This requires alembic to support using resource specification for {{{script_location}}}, otherwise I have to keep changing the value in the .ini file whenever a newer .egg is deployed.

Attached is a diff for that. And thanks for alembic, it is awesome :)

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  1. Mike Bayer repo owner

    OK, can you try out the attached patch. This patch has you specify the name as "egg:<name>" the way Python Paste (and others?) does, so that a windows filename like "C:/path/to/my/file" wouldn't be misinterpreted for example, and also keeps the pkg_resources import local to that usage to avoid an unnecessary dependency.

    I've had several people ask me about this feature so thanks for showing me the idea !

  2. Sok Ann Yap reporter

    The patch works after setting maxsplit to 1 for the first split. Perhaps it shall be set for the second split as well, just in case the file path contains a semicolon.

    Anyway, I am not sure about the "egg:" prefix. Pyramid, for example, uses just "<package name>:<file path>" for its asset specification, and it only checks for os.path.isabs to handle windows filename. I suppose such checking is insufficient when the code runs on linux while the path is for windows, but that should be a rare (or invalid?) use case.

  3. Mike Bayer repo owner

    Forgot the maxsplit, whoops. Does Pyramid distinguish between filesystem and pkg resources in the same way, just looking for a ":" ? A ":" seems like a pretty generic thing that might be in some weird quoted filesystem path. Looking at their docs at, Pyramid seems to expect that all locations are already resource locations, so they wouldn't have this issue. More docs on this at . That is, there's no guessing here, everything is a resource.

    They support Paste so like here: you see the "egg:" thing. Paste has you specify either "egg:" or "config:". In our case, this key is already a filesystem path in the default case so it seems like "egg:" as a prefix means we don't have to guess.

  4. Sok Ann Yap reporter

    This is the function in Pyramid that resolves asset specification by checking for semicolon and os.path.isabs:

    I think PasteDeploy is a different beast, as it supports "egg:", "config:", "call:", and even just a string without semicolon to refer to another section. To add something similar to this issue to PasteDeploy, I actually modified the patch from to add "configspec:", which works the same way as the patch you attached here.

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