Inconsistent parameter naming

Issue #104 resolved
Robert Buchholz
created an issue

Keyword arguments for several of op's functions are inconsistent:

  • create_index, drop_index, drop_constraint has tablename whereas add_column and others have table_name
  • alter_column receives a 'name' parameter that should really be 'new_column_name'

Comments (2)

  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    this is all fine and it would be helpful if you could carefully review the changes I've made in 8cdd16e401c022a0163016f686f2d9c772fd8fdc in this regard. Where an argument was an optional keyword, we still accept the old name, with a warning. Where an argument was positional, we no longer can accept the old name, but also I would assume users are generally passing in required positional arguments positionally (that you noticed this naming inconsistency suggests perhaps you weren't...).

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