Alembic doesn't throw TypeError on unexpected keyword arguments

Issue #156 resolved
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Alembic shouldn't just ignore keyword arguments that are not used. I recently typod "postgesql_where" and to my surprise, Alembic just went along with it and created an invalid index.

Case example:

        postresql_where=text("reseller_id IS NULL"),

What I expected:

TypeError: op.create_index() got an unexpected keyword argument 'postresql_where'

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  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    this isn't really possible, because technically SQLAlchemy can't know that there isn't a 3rd party dialect called "postresql" in use. Other kwargs that don't take the form "<dialectname>_<argument>" are rejectable on the SQLAlchemy side, right now this logic takes effect for tables and constraints but is missing on the index side. but wouldn't help this case.

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