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Issue #213 wontfix

Nearest alembic.ini file should be used

created an issue

Alembic should search for alembic.ini file in the working directory (current behaviour) and failing that, should look for that file in upper directories. For example:

  1. /Users/bansku/Documents/pelsu/tests/pages/alembic.ini,
  2. /Users/bansku/Documents/pelsu/tests/alembic.ini
  3. /Users/bansku/Documents/pelsu/alembic.ini

This behaviour is already used in other utilities such as Git.

Comments (3)

  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    sorry, I'm like -1000 on this. alembic.ini isn't a user-level "profile" file like that of git or gnupg. It is a file that is specific to an application, like a setup.cfg or a tox.ini (both of which must be present directly where the Python interpreter runs from if not specified otherwise).

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