Nearest alembic.ini file should be used

Issue #213 wontfix
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Alembic should search for alembic.ini file in the working directory (current behaviour) and failing that, should look for that file in upper directories. For example:

  1. /Users/bansku/Documents/pelsu/tests/pages/alembic.ini,
  2. /Users/bansku/Documents/pelsu/tests/alembic.ini
  3. /Users/bansku/Documents/pelsu/alembic.ini

This behaviour is already used in other utilities such as Git.

Comments (3)

  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    sorry, I'm like -1000 on this. alembic.ini isn't a user-level "profile" file like that of git or gnupg. It is a file that is specific to an application, like a setup.cfg or a tox.ini (both of which must be present directly where the Python interpreter runs from if not specified otherwise).

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