Alembic inconvenient to use programmatically

Issue #23 resolved
Daniel Miller
created an issue

I'd like to call alembic commands programmatically, but the config object is proving rather difficult to use that way. Here's my use case: I want to write tests for my migrations. I'd like to use alembic to down/upgrade the database to a particular revision and then run some tests on the db to verify that things look right. Am I overlooking something obvious, or is there no good way to make alembic do its thing without a config file on disk?

The root of the problem seems to be the tight coupling to ConfigParser, as a fundamentally file-based structure. It would be nice to support a simpler programmatic configuration object such as a plain dict.

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  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    The config file dependency is an oversight and is resolved in 38368e8f9a306ba9dfa668dcc8cfaef5d2f031b1. The file no longer needs to be passed, the existing method set_main_option() as well as a new method set_section_option() can be used to assign values (or not).

    Plain dict is a little tougher here since we are using sections. It is possible to make individual sections available as dictionaries, or maybe use a dictionary of dictionaries, though this seems a little redundant... Python's config parser just provides the one interface.

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