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Issue #33 resolved

Support of schemas is absent for most of operations

Dmitriy Bogomolov
created an issue

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  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    somewhat intentional. I typically run migrations for a remote schema in terms of that schema, i.e. set the "search_path" as needed. That would be your workaround for now.

    Anyway, can you list out areas where "schema" specification is needed along with links to correct format ? I gather we're just talking about Postgresql here as well.

  2. Anonymous

    For example, in _produce_net_changes (in autogenerate) there is this line:

    metadata_table_names = OrderedSet([table.name for table in metadata.sorted_tables])

    the items from this operation are then compared (in _compare_tables) via these lines:

    for tname in metadata_table_names.difference(conn_table_names):
            diffs.append(("add_table", metadata.tables[tname]))

    metadata.tables is keyed using "<schema>.<name>" if schema exists, so the lookup for metadata.tables[tname] will fail on any result with a schema specified.

    The problems run deeper than that though, as I patched that function to fix the lookup issue, and the autogenerated revision omits all schema info, so all tables are created in the default schema for the connection.

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