MySQLDialect.get_table_names() returns empty list

Issue #416 invalid
Vadim Yanko
created an issue

I used mysql-connector==2.1.4, but accroding to the documentation connector returns bytearray types:

In Connector/Python 1.x, the output is:

Using Python 2: [('1',)]

Using Python 3: [(b'1',)]

In Connector/Python 2.0, for both Python versions, the output is: [(bytearray(b'1'),)]

So, I realize that the only way to make fast solution for my project -- creating monkey-patch of MySQLDialect method mentioned above.


Added .decode('utf-8') to row[0] and row[1] variables.

But, I think that you may know other, more elegant way to solve this problem. If not -- write to me, please. I'd like to write PR with fix by myself.

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