Variant base not taken into account when comparing types

Issue #433 resolved
Dheeraj Gupta
created an issue

I have a set of migration tests for my model which has a lot of autoincrement primary keys not all of which are Integer.

To support sqlite, my models have id lines like so

id_ = Column("id", BigInteger().with_variant(Integer, "sqlite"),

I use alembic for migrations and have written tests which compare the types of columns too. For versions of alembic <= 0.8.3, all tests pass. However, for versions newer than 0.8.4, I get the following differences from metadata (leading to test failure)

[('modify_type', None, 'ip_checkpoint', 'id', {'existing_server_default': False, 'existing_nullable': None}, BIGINT(display_width=20), Variant())]

I understand that Issue 341 had added additional type comparison and this change probably broke my tests.

Is it possible to fine-tune type checking for variants or should I just rework my tests to ignore such differences?

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  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    seeing that failure against SQLite or against other backends? current observation is the SQLite comparison will succeed because it compares only Integer. There seems to be a problem with the BigInteger() part of it, however, e.g. on other backends.

  2. Michael Bayer repo owner

    even though we do dialect_impl() in the comparison, apparently for Variant if you are on a default dialect it gives you back itself (because it's a TypeDecorator). need to adjust for this.

  3. Michael Bayer repo owner

    Adjust for Variant returning itself as impl

    Fixed bug where autogen comparison of a :class:.Variant datatype would not compare to the dialect level type for the "default" implementation of the :class:.Variant, returning the type as changed between database and table metadata.

    Change-Id: Ie94779ece9f1c768375cdbdc4124c98f9c11bb86 Fixes: #433

    → <<cset 54c5abb15cae>>

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