"`" characters stripped out of revision header docstring

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Not sure if this is valid usage, but when i run $ alembic revision with the -m flag, any "`" character i type is stripped from the revision's header.


$ alembic revision -m "Remove mycol column from mytable table"

Results in:

"""Remove column from table

Revision ID: 7b52f2253da [...]


Using 0.4.0.

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  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    this isn't really on Alembic's end, its how your shell works:

    classics-MacBook-Pro:alembic classic$ .venv/bin/alembic revision -m "afasdkjn `akjsdf`  asdkjfadsjk"
    -bash: akjsdf: command not found

    escaping them with \ allows the word to render but the backticks disappear:

    classics-MacBook-Pro:alembic classic$ .venv/bin/alembic revision -m "afasdkjn \`akjsdf\`  asdkjfadsjk"
  2. Michael Bayer repo owner

    so, this is just shell stuff, I'm not sure how to get a backtick on the commandline to go into a python script, but figuring out that part would be how to make this work, but yeah a backtick is really the wrong kind of character to be using here.

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