autogenerate doesn't render DEFERRABLE, INITIALLY, ONUPDATE, ONDELETE of ForeignKeyConstraint()

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Michael Bayer
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  1. Tim Mitchell

    I have only been using alembic for about a month. All added constraints show this defect. None of your tests appear to test multiple keyword arguments as is always the case in my situation.
    Have upgraded to alembic 0.7.6/sa 1.04 and problem persists.

    Here is excerpts from my code which is hopefully enough to reproduce.

    import sqlalchemy
    from sqlalchemy.ext.declarative import declarative_base, declared_attr
    def column_names(constraint, table):
        columns = getattr(constraint, 'columns', None)
        if columns is None:
            return ''
        columns_str = '_'.join(columns.keys())
        return columns_str
    naming_convention = {  # for indices, constraints, primary and foreign keys
                           b"uq": b"%(table_name)s_%(column_names)s_key",
                           b"fk": b"%(table_name)s_%(column_0_name)s_fkey",
                           b"pk": b"%(table_name)s_pkey",
                           b"ix": b'%(table_name)s_%(column_names)s_idx',
                           b"ck": b"%(table_name)s_%(constraint_name)s_chk",
                           b"column_names": column_names,
    class Base(object):
        def __tablename__(cls):
            return cls.__name__
        id = Column(GUID, default=uuid.uuid4, primary_key=True)
    metadata = sqlalchemy.MetaData(schema='my_schema',
    Base = declarative_base(cls=Base, metadata=metadata)
    def foreign_key_def(*args, **kwargs):
        """ A ForeignKey contraint that defaults to defer constraint checking until the commit.
        This is easier and faster than adding commits to ensure that sqlalchemy executes
        inserts with relationships in the correct order.
        if b'deferrable' not in kwargs:
            kwargs[b'deferrable'] = True
        if b'initially' not in kwargs:
            kwargs[b'initially'] = b'DEFERRED'
        if b'ondelete' not in kwargs:
            kwargs[b'ondelete'] = b'CASCADE'
        return ForeignKey(*args, **kwargs)
    def required_column(*args, **kwargs):
        kwargs[b'nullable'] = False
        return Column(*args, **kwargs)
    class BlockModel(Base):
        # more columns and relationships
    class BlockModelAndValues(Base):
        block_model_id = required_column(GUID, foreign_key_def(
        # more columns and relationships
    class BlockModelCategoryValues(Base):
        # more columns
    class AssocBlockModelCategoryValues(Base):
        owner_id = required_column(GUID, foreign_key_def(
        # upgrade to
        # owner_id = required_column(GUID, foreign_key_def(
        values_id = required_column(GUID, foreign_key_def(
    #    op.create_foreign_key(op.f('AssocBlockModelCategoryValues_owner_id_fkey'), 'AssocBlockModelCategoryValues',
    #                          'BlockModelAndValues', ['owner_id'], ['id'], source_schema='central_data',
    #                          referent_schema='central_data', deferrable='True', initially='DEFERRED')
    # ondelete= is missing
  2. Michael Bayer reporter

    Ok thats the ForeignKeyConstraint. for the create_fk_constraint directive, they are missing. that's now #298.

    For the comparison part of this, autogenerate doesn't compare those values right now as they are not well-supported by SQLAlchemy reflection right now.

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