Presents an auto-recompiling front end to a Blogofile 0.7.1 site.

Just run:

blogodev -v

and you'll get the functionality of "blogofile serve" combined with a modified Writer process that scans the source directory and rebuilds if any files change. Writes out to a temp directory and copies files back, deleting those that are no longer present.

Command line args are a tiny subset of that of Blogofile:

usage: blogodev [-h] [-s DIR] [-v] [-vv] [PORT] [IP_ADDR]

positional arguments:
  PORT                  TCP port to use
  IP_ADDR               IP address to bind to. Defaults to loopback only
                        ( binds to all network interfaces,
                        please be careful!

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s DIR, --src-dir DIR
                        Your site's source directory (default is current
  -v, --verbose         Be verbose
  -vv, --veryverbose    Be extra verbose

Make sure that any scripts or filters in your Blogofile environment use bf.writer.output_dir to determine the destination of files, instead of hardcoding to _site.