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+-*- coding: utf-8; fill-column: 68 -*-
+Changes noted below are specific to version 0.8.
+For changes that are in both 0.7 and 0.8, see below
+underneath "0.7.xx".
+- general
+  - SQLAlchemy 0.8 now targets Python 2.5 and
+    above.  Python 2.4 is no longer supported.
+  - [removed] The "sqlalchemy.exceptions"
+    synonym for "sqlalchemy.exc" is removed
+    fully.  [ticket:2433]
+- orm
+  - [removed] The legacy "mutable" system of the
+    ORM, including the MutableType class as well
+    as the mutable=True flag on PickleType
+    and postgresql.ARRAY has been removed.
+    In-place mutations are detected by the ORM
+    using the sqlalchemy.ext.mutable extension,
+    introduced in 0.7.   The removal of MutableType
+    and associated constructs removes a great
+    deal of complexity from SQLAlchemy's internals.
+    The approach performed poorly as it would incur
+    a scan of the full contents of the Session
+    when in use. [ticket:2442]
+  - [moved] The InstrumentationManager interface
+    and the entire related system of alternate
+    class implementation is now moved out
+    to sqlalchemy.ext.instrumentation.   This is
+    a seldom used system that adds significant
+    complexity and overhead to the mechanics of
+    class instrumentation.  The new architecture
+    allows it to remain unused until
+    InstrumentationManager is actually imported,
+    at which point it is bootstrapped into
+    the core.
+  - [feature] Major rewrite of relationship()
+    internals now allow join conditions which
+    include columns pointing to themselves
+    within composite foreign keys.   A new
+    API for very specialized primaryjoin conditions
+    is added, allowing conditions based on
+    SQL functions, CAST, etc. to be handled
+    by placing the annotation functions
+    remote() and foreign() inline within the
+    expression when necessary.  Previous recipes
+    using the semi-private _local_remote_pairs
+    approach can be upgraded to this new
+    approach. [ticket:1401]
+  - [bug] ORM will perform extra effort to determine
+    that an FK dependency between two tables is
+    not significant during flush if the tables
+    are related via joined inheritance and the FK
+    dependency is not part of the inherit_condition,
+    saves the user a use_alter directive.
+    [ticket:2527]
+  - [feature] New standalone function with_polymorphic()
+    provides the functionality of query.with_polymorphic()
+    in a standalone form.   It can be applied to any
+    entity within a query, including as the target
+    of a join in place of the "of_type()" modifier.
+    [ticket:2333]
+  - [feature] The of_type() construct on attributes
+    now accepts aliased() class constructs as well
+    as with_polymorphic constructs, and works with
+    query.join(), any(), has(), and also
+    eager loaders subqueryload(), joinedload(),
+    contains_eager()
+    [ticket:2438] [ticket:1106]
+  - [feature] Improvements to event listening for
+    mapped classes allows that unmapped classes
+    can be specified for instance- and mapper-events.
+    The established events will be automatically
+    set up on subclasses of that class when the
+    propagate=True flag is passed, and the
+    events will be set up for that class itself
+    if and when it is ultimately mapped.
+    [ticket:2585]
+  - [bug] The instrumentation events class_instrument(),
+    class_uninstrument(), and attribute_instrument()
+    will now fire off only for descendant classes
+    of the class assigned to listen().  Previously,
+    an event listener would be assigned to listen
+    for all classes in all cases regardless of the
+    "target" argument passed.  [ticket:2590]
+  - [bug] with_polymorphic() produces JOINs
+    in the correct order and with correct inheriting
+    tables in the case of sending multi-level
+    subclasses in an arbitrary order or with
+    intermediary classes missing.  [ticket:1900]
+  - [feature] The "deferred declarative
+    reflection" system has been moved into the
+    declarative extension itself, using the
+    new DeferredReflection class.  This
+    class is now tested with both single
+    and joined table inheritance use cases.
+    [ticket:2485]
+  - [feature] Added new core function "inspect()",
+    which serves as a generic gateway to
+    introspection into mappers, objects,
+    others.   The Mapper and InstanceState
+    objects have been enhanced with a public
+    API that allows inspection of mapped
+    attributes, including filters for column-bound
+    or relationship-bound properties, inspection
+    of current object state, history of
+    attributes, etc.  [ticket:2208]
+  - [feature] Calling rollback() within a
+    session.begin_nested() will now only expire
+    those objects that had net changes within the
+    scope of that transaction, that is objects which
+    were dirty or were modified on a flush.  This
+    allows the typical use case for begin_nested(),
+    that of altering a small subset of objects, to
+    leave in place the data from the larger enclosing
+    set of objects that weren't modified in
+    that sub-transaction.  [ticket:2452]
+  - [feature] Added utility feature
+    Session.enable_relationship_loading(),
+    supersedes relationship.load_on_pending.
+    Both features should be avoided, however.
+    [ticket:2372]
+  - [feature] Added support for .info dictionary argument to
+    column_property(), relationship(), composite().
+    All MapperProperty classes have an auto-creating .info
+    dict available overall.
+  - [feature] Adding/removing None from a mapped collection
+    now generates attribute events.  Previously, a None
+    append would be ignored in some cases.  Related
+    to [ticket:2229].
+  - [feature] The presence of None in a mapped collection
+    now raises an error during flush.   Previously,
+    None values in collections would be silently ignored.
+    [ticket:2229]
+  - [feature] The Query.update() method is now
+    more lenient as to the table
+    being updated.  Plain Table objects are better
+    supported now, and additional a joined-inheritance
+    subclass may be used with update(); the subclass
+    table will be the target of the update,
+    and if the parent table is referenced in the
+    WHERE clause, the compiler will call upon
+    UPDATE..FROM syntax as allowed by the dialect
+    to satisfy the WHERE clause.  MySQL's multi-table
+    update feature is also supported if columns
+    are specified by object in the "values" dicitionary.
+    PG's DELETE..USING is also not available
+    in Core yet.
+  - [feature] New session events after_transaction_create
+    and after_transaction_end
+    allows tracking of new SessionTransaction objects.
+    If the object is inspected, can be used to determine
+    when a session first becomes active and when
+    it deactivates.
+  - [feature] The Query can now load entity/scalar-mixed
+    "tuple" rows that contain
+    types which aren't hashable, by setting the flag
+    "hashable=False" on the corresponding TypeEngine object
+    in use.  Custom types that return unhashable types
+    (typically lists) can set this flag to False.
+    [ticket:2592]
+  - [bug] Improvements to joined/subquery eager
+    loading dealing with chains of subclass entities
+    sharing a common base, with no specific "join depth"
+    provided.  Will chain out to
+    each subclass mapper individually before detecting
+    a "cycle", rather than considering the base class
+    to be the source of the "cycle".  [ticket:2481]
+  - [bug] The "passive" flag on Session.is_modified()
+    no longer has any effect. is_modified() in
+    all cases looks only at local in-memory
+    modified flags and will not emit any
+    SQL or invoke loader callables/initializers.
+    [ticket:2320]
+  - [bug] The warning emitted when using
+    delete-orphan cascade with one-to-many
+    or many-to-many without single-parent=True
+    is now an error.  The ORM
+    would fail to function subsequent to this
+    warning in any case.  [ticket:2405]
+  - [bug] Lazy loads emitted within flush events
+    such as before_flush(), before_update(),
+    etc. will now function as they would
+    within non-event code, regarding consideration
+    of the PK/FK values used in the lazy-emitted
+    query.   Previously,
+    special flags would be established that
+    would cause lazy loads to load related items
+    based on the "previous" value of the
+    parent PK/FK values specifically when called
+    upon within a flush; the signal to load
+    in this way is now localized to where the
+    unit of work actually needs to load that
+    way.  Note that the UOW does
+    sometimes load these collections before
+    the before_update() event is called,
+    so the usage of "passive_updates" or not
+    can affect whether or not a collection will
+    represent the "old" or "new" data, when
+    accessed within a flush event, based
+    on when the lazy load was emitted.
+    The change is backwards incompatible in
+    the exceedingly small chance that
+    user event code depended on the old
+    behavior. [ticket:2350]
+  - [feature] Query now "auto correlates" by
+    default in the same way as select() does.
+    Previously, a Query used as a subquery
+    in another would require the correlate()
+    method be called explicitly in order to
+    correlate a table on the inside to the
+    outside.  As always, correlate(None)
+    disables correlation.  [ticket:2179]
+  - [feature] The after_attach event is now
+    emitted after the object is established
+    in or Session.identity_map
+    upon Session.add(), Session.merge(),
+    etc., so that the object is represented
+    in these collections when the event
+    is called.  Added before_attach
+    event to accommodate use cases that
+    need autoflush w pre-attached object.
+    [ticket:2464]
+  - [feature] The Session will produce warnings
+    when unsupported methods are used inside the
+    "execute" portion of the flush.   These are
+    the familiar methods add(), delete(), etc.
+    as well as collection and related-object
+    manipulations, as called within mapper-level
+    flush events
+    like after_insert(), after_update(), etc.
+    It's been prominently documented for a long
+    time that  SQLAlchemy cannot guarantee
+    results when the Session is manipulated within
+    the execution of the flush plan,
+    however users are still doing it, so now
+    there's a warning.   Maybe someday the Session
+    will be enhanced to support these operations
+    inside of the flush, but for now, results
+    can't be guaranteed.
+  - [bug] Continuing [ticket:2566] regarding extra
+    state post-flush due to event listeners;
+    any states that are marked as "dirty" from an
+    attribute perspective, usually via column-attribute
+    set events within after_insert(), after_update(),
+    etc., will get the "history" flag reset
+    in all cases, instead of only those instances
+    that were part of the flush.  This has the effect
+    that this "dirty" state doesn't carry over
+    after the flush and won't result in UPDATE
+    statements.   A warning is emitted to this
+    effect; the set_committed_state()
+    method can be used to assign attributes on objects
+    without producing history events. [ticket:2582]
+  - [feature] ORM entities can be passed
+    to the core select() construct as well
+    as to the select_from(),
+    correlate(), and correlate_except()
+    methods of select(), where they will be unwrapped
+    into selectables. [ticket:2245]
+  - [feature] Some support for auto-rendering of a
+    relationship join condition based on the mapped
+    attribute, with usage of core SQL constructs.
+    E.g. select([SomeClass]).where(SomeClass.somerelationship)
+    would render SELECT from "someclass" and use the
+    primaryjoin of "somerelationship" as the WHERE
+    clause.   This changes the previous meaning
+    of "SomeClass.somerelationship" when used in a
+    core SQL context; previously, it would "resolve"
+    to the parent selectable, which wasn't generally
+    useful.  Also works with query.filter().
+    Related to [ticket:2245].
+  - [feature] The registry of classes
+    in declarative_base() is now a
+    WeakValueDictionary.  So subclasses of
+    "Base" that are dereferenced will be
+    garbage collected, *if they are not
+    referred to by any other mappers/superclass
+    mappers*. See the next note for this ticket.
+    [ticket:2526]
+  - [feature] Conflicts between columns on
+    single-inheritance declarative subclasses,
+    with or without using a mixin, can be resolved
+    using a new @declared_attr usage described
+    in the documentation.  [ticket:2472]
+  - [feature] declared_attr can now be used
+    on non-mixin classes, even though this is generally
+    only useful for single-inheritance subclass
+    column conflict resolution.  [ticket:2472]
+  - [feature] declared_attr can now be used with
+    attributes that are not Column or MapperProperty;
+    including any user-defined value as well
+    as association proxy objects.  [ticket:2517]
+  - [bug] Fixed a disconnect that slowly evolved
+    between a @declared_attr Column and a
+    directly-defined Column on a mixin. In both
+    cases, the Column will be applied to the
+    declared class' table, but not to that of a
+    joined inheritance subclass.   Previously,
+    the directly-defined Column would be placed
+    on both the base and the sub table, which isn't
+    typically what's desired.  [ticket:2565]
+  - [feature] *Very limited* support for
+    inheriting mappers to be GC'ed when the
+    class itself is deferenced.  The mapper
+    must not have its own table (i.e.
+    single table inh only) without polymorphic
+    attributes in place.
+    This allows for the use case of
+    creating a temporary subclass of a declarative
+    mapped class, with no table or mapping
+    directives of its own, to be garbage collected
+    when dereferenced by a unit test.
+    [ticket:2526]
+  - [feature] Declarative now maintains a registry
+    of classes by string name as well as by full
+    module-qualified name.   Multiple classes with the
+    same name can now be looked up based on a module-qualified
+    string within relationship().   Simple class name
+    lookups where more than one class shares the same
+    name now raises an informative error message.
+    [ticket:2338]
+  - [feature] Can now provide class-bound attributes
+    that override columns which are of any
+    non-ORM type, not just descriptors.
+    [ticket:2535]
+  - [feature] Added with_labels and
+    reduce_columns keyword arguments to
+    Query.subquery(), to provide two alternate
+    strategies for producing queries with uniquely-
+    named columns.  [ticket:1729].
+  - [feature] A warning is emitted when a reference
+    to an instrumented collection is no longer
+    associated with the parent class due to
+    expiration/attribute refresh/collection
+    replacement, but an append
+    or remove operation is received on the
+    now-detached collection.  [ticket:2476]
+  - [bug] Declarative can now propagate a column
+    declared on a single-table inheritance subclass
+    up to the parent class' table, when the parent
+    class is itself mapped to a join() or select()
+    statement, directly or via joined inheritance,
+    and not just a Table.   [ticket:2549]
+  - [bug] An error is emitted when uselist=False
+    is combined with a "dynamic" loader.
+    This is a warning in 0.7.9.
+  - [removed] Deprecated identifiers removed:
+    * allow_null_pks mapper() argument
+      (use allow_partial_pks)
+    * _get_col_to_prop() mapper method
+      (use get_property_by_column())
+    * dont_load argument to Session.merge()
+      (use load=True)
+    * sqlalchemy.orm.shard module
+      (use sqlalchemy.ext.horizontal_shard)
+- engine
+  - [feature] Connection event listeners can
+    now be associated with individual
+    Connection objects, not just Engine
+    objects.  [ticket:2511]
+  - [feature] The before_cursor_execute event
+    fires off for so-called "_cursor_execute"
+    events, which are usually special-case
+    executions of primary-key bound sequences
+    and default-generation SQL
+    phrases that invoke separately when RETURNING
+    is not used with INSERT.  [ticket:2459]
+  - [feature] The libraries used by the test suite
+    have been moved around a bit so that they are
+    part of the SQLAlchemy install again.  In addition,
+    a new suite of tests is present in the
+    new sqlalchemy.testing.suite package.  This is
+    an under-development system that hopes to provide
+    a universal testing suite for external dialects.
+    Dialects which are maintained outside of SQLAlchemy
+    can use the new test fixture as the framework
+    for their own tests, and will get for free a
+    "compliance" suite of dialect-focused tests,
+    including an improved "requirements" system
+    where specific capabilities and features can
+    be enabled or disabled for testing.
+  - [bug] The Inspector.get_table_names()
+    order_by="foreign_key" feature now sorts
+    tables by dependee first, to be consistent
+    with util.sort_tables and metadata.sorted_tables.
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby if a database restart
+    affected multiple connections, each
+    connection would individually invoke a new
+    disposal of the pool, even though only
+    one disposal is needed.  [ticket:2522]
+  - [feature] Added a new system
+    for registration of new dialects in-process
+    without using an entrypoint.  See the
+    docs for "Registering New Dialects".
+    [ticket:2462]
+  - [feature] The "required" flag is set to
+    True by default, if not passed explicitly,
+    on bindparam() if the "value" or "callable"
+    parameters are not passed.
+    This will cause statement execution to check
+    for the parameter being present in the final
+    collection of bound parameters, rather than
+    implicitly assigning None. [ticket:2556]
+  - [feature] Various API tweaks to the "dialect"
+    API to better support highly specialized
+    systems such as the Akiban database, including
+    more hooks to allow an execution context to
+    access type processors.
+  - [bug] The names of the columns on the
+    .c. attribute of a select().apply_labels()
+    is now based on <tablename>_<colkey> instead
+    of <tablename>_<colname>, for those columns
+    that have a distinctly named .key.
+    [ticket:2397]
+  - [feature] Inspector.get_primary_keys() is
+    deprecated; use Inspector.get_pk_constraint().
+    Courtesy Diana Clarke.  [ticket:2422]
+  - [bug] The autoload_replace flag on Table,
+    when False, will cause any reflected foreign key
+    constraints which refer to already-declared
+    columns to be skipped, assuming that the
+    in-Python declared column will take over
+    the task of specifying in-Python ForeignKey
+    or ForeignKeyConstraint declarations.
+  - [bug] The ResultProxy methods inserted_primary_key,
+    last_updated_params(), last_inserted_params(),
+    postfetch_cols(), prefetch_cols() all
+    assert that the given statement is a compiled
+    construct, and is an insert() or update()
+    statement as is appropriate, else
+    raise InvalidRequestError.  [ticket:2498]
+  - [feature] New C extension module "utils" has
+    been added for additional function speedups
+    as we have time to implement.
+  - ResultProxy.last_inserted_ids is removed,
+    replaced by inserted_primary_key.
+- sql
+  - [feature] Major rework of operator system
+    in Core, to allow redefinition of existing
+    operators as well as addition of new operators
+    at the type level.  New types can be created
+    from existing ones which add or redefine
+    operations that are exported out to column
+    expressions, in a similar manner to how the
+    ORM has allowed comparator_factory.   The new
+    architecture moves this capability into the
+    Core so that it is consistently usable in
+    all cases, propagating cleanly using existing
+    type propagation behavior.  [ticket:2547]
+  - [feature] To complement [ticket:2547], types
+    can now provide "bind expressions" and
+    "column expressions" which allow compile-time
+    injection of SQL expressions into statements
+    on a per-column or per-bind level.   This is
+    to suit the use case of a type which needs
+    to augment bind- and result- behavior at the
+    SQL level, as opposed to in the Python level.
+    Allows for schemes like transparent encryption/
+    decryption, usage of Postgis functions, etc.
+    [ticket:1534]
+  - [feature] The Core oeprator system now includes
+    the `getitem` operator, i.e. the bracket
+    operator in Python.  This is used at first
+    to provide index and slice behavior to the
+    Postgresql ARRAY type, and also provides a hook
+    for end-user definition of custom __getitem__
+    schemes which can be applied at the type
+    level as well as within ORM-level custom
+    operator schemes.   `lshift` (<<)
+    and `rshift` (>>) are also supported as
+    optional operators.
+    Note that this change has the effect that
+    descriptor-based __getitem__ schemes used by
+    the ORM in conjunction with synonym() or other
+    "descriptor-wrapped" schemes will need
+    to start using a custom comparator in order
+    to maintain this behavior.
+  - [feature] Revised the rules used to determine
+    the operator precedence for the user-defined
+    operator, i.e. that granted using the ``op()``
+    method.   Previously, the smallest precedence
+    was applied in all cases, now the default
+    precedence is zero, lower than all operators
+    except "comma" (such as, used in the argument
+    list of a ``func`` call) and "AS", and is
+    also customizable via the "precedence" argument
+    on the ``op()`` method.  [ticket:2537]
+  - [feature] Added "collation" parameter to all
+    String types.  When present, renders as
+    COLLATE <collation>.  This to support the
+    COLLATE keyword now supported by several
+    databases including MySQL, SQLite, and Postgresql.
+    [ticket:2276]
+  - [change] The Text() type renders the length
+    given to it, if a length was specified.
+  - [feature] Custom unary operators can now be
+    used by combining operators.custom_op() with
+    UnaryExpression().
+  - [bug] A tweak to column precedence which moves the
+    "concat" and "match" operators to be the same as
+    that of "is", "like", and others; this helps with
+    parenthesization rendering when used in conjunction
+    with "IS". [ticket:2564]
+  - [feature] Enhanced GenericFunction and func.*
+    to allow for user-defined GenericFunction
+    subclasses to be available via the func.*
+    namespace automatically by classname,
+    optionally using a package name, as well
+    as with the ability to have the rendered
+    name different from the identified name
+    in func.*.
+  - [feature] The cast() and extract() constructs
+    will now be produced via the func.* accessor
+    as well, as users naturally try to access these
+    names from func.* they might as well do
+    what's expected, even though the returned
+    object is not a FunctionElement.
+    [ticket:2562]
+  - [changed] Most classes in expression.sql
+    are no longer preceded with an underscore,
+    i.e. Label, SelectBase, Generative, CompareMixin.
+    _BindParamClause is also renamed to
+    BindParameter.   The old underscore names for
+    these classes will remain available as synonyms
+    for the foreseeable future.
+  - [feature] The Inspector object can now be
+    acquired using the new inspect() service,
+    part of [ticket:2208]
+  - [feature] The column_reflect event now
+    accepts the Inspector object as the first
+    argument, preceding "table".   Code which
+    uses the 0.7 version of this very new
+    event will need modification to add the
+    "inspector" object as the first argument.
+    [ticket:2418]
+  - [feature] The behavior of column targeting
+    in result sets is now case sensitive by
+    default.   SQLAlchemy for many years would
+    run a case-insensitive conversion on these values,
+    probably to alleviate early case sensitivity
+    issues with dialects like Oracle and
+    Firebird.   These issues have been more cleanly
+    solved in more modern versions so the performance
+    hit of calling lower() on identifiers is removed.
+    The case insensitive comparisons can be re-enabled
+    by setting "case_insensitive=False" on
+    create_engine().  [ticket:2423]
+  - [bug] Applying a column expression to a select
+    statement using a label with or without other
+    modifying constructs will no longer "target" that
+    expression to the underlying Column; this affects
+    ORM operations that rely upon Column targeting
+    in order to retrieve results.  That is, a query
+    like query(,'foo')) will now
+    track the value of each "" expression separately
+    instead of munging them together.  It is not expected
+    that any users will be impacted by this; however,
+    a usage that uses select() in conjunction with
+    query.from_statement() and attempts to load fully
+    composed ORM entities may not function as expected
+    if the select() named Column objects with arbitrary
+    .label() names, as these will no longer target to
+    the Column objects mapped by that entity.
+    [ticket:2591]
+  - [feature] The "unconsumed column names" warning emitted
+    when keys are present in insert.values() or update.values()
+    that aren't in the target table is now an exception.
+    [ticket:2415]
+  - [feature] Added "MATCH" clause to ForeignKey,
+    ForeignKeyConstraint, courtesy Ryan Kelly.
+    [ticket:2502]
+  - [feature] Added support for DELETE and UPDATE from
+    an alias of a table, which would assumedly
+    be related to itself elsewhere in the query,
+    courtesy Ryan Kelly.  [ticket:2507]
+  - [feature] select() features a correlate_except()
+    method, auto correlates all selectables except those
+    passed.
+  - [feature] The prefix_with() method is now available
+    on each of select(), insert(), update(), delete(),
+    all with the same API, accepting multiple
+    prefix calls, as well as a "dialect name" so that
+    the prefix can be limited to one kind of dialect.
+    [ticket:2431]
+  - [feature] Added reduce_columns() method
+    to select() construct, replaces columns inline
+    using the util.reduce_columns utility function
+    to remove equivalent columns.  reduce_columns()
+    also adds "with_only_synonyms" to limit the
+    reduction just to those columns which have the same
+    name.  The deprecated fold_equivalents() feature is
+    removed [ticket:1729].
+  - [feature] Reworked the startswith(), endswith(),
+    contains() operators to do a better job with
+    negation (NOT LIKE), and also to assemble them
+    at compilation time so that their rendered SQL
+    can be altered, such as in the case for Firebird
+    STARTING WITH [ticket:2470]
+  - [feature] Added a hook to the system of rendering
+    CREATE TABLE that provides access to the render for each
+    Column individually, by constructing a @compiles
+    function against the new schema.CreateColumn
+    construct.  [ticket:2463]
+  - [feature] "scalar" selects now have a WHERE method
+    to help with generative building.  Also slight adjustment
+    regarding how SS "correlates" columns; the new methodology
+    no longer applies meaning to the underlying
+    Table column being selected.  This improves
+    some fairly esoteric situations, and the logic
+    that was there didn't seem to have any purpose.
+  - [bug] Fixes to the interpretation of the
+    Column "default" parameter as a callable
+    to not pass ExecutionContext into a keyword
+    argument parameter.  [ticket:2520]
+  - [bug] All of UniqueConstraint, ForeignKeyConstraint,
+    CheckConstraint, and PrimaryKeyConstraint will
+    attach themselves to their parent table automatically
+    when they refer to a Table-bound Column object directly
+    (i.e. not just string column name), and refer to
+    one and only one Table.   Prior to 0.8 this behavior
+    occurred for UniqueConstraint and PrimaryKeyConstraint,
+    but not ForeignKeyConstraint or CheckConstraint.
+    [ticket:2410]
+  - [bug] TypeDecorator now includes a generic repr()
+    that works in terms of the "impl" type by default.
+    This is a behavioral change for those TypeDecorator
+    classes that specify a custom __init__ method; those
+    types will need to re-define __repr__() if they need
+    __repr__() to provide a faithful constructor representation.
+    [ticket:2594]
+  - [bug] column.label(None) now produces an
+    anonymous label, instead of returning the
+    column object itself, consistent with the behavior
+    of label(column, None).  [ticket:2168]
+  - [feature] An explicit error is raised when
+    a ForeignKeyConstraint() that was
+    constructed to refer to multiple remote tables
+    is first used. [ticket:2455]
+- access
+  - [feature] the MS Access dialect has been
+    moved to its own project on Bitbucket,
+    taking advantage of the new SQLAlchemy
+    dialect compliance suite.   The dialect is
+    still in very rough shape and probably not
+    ready for general use yet, however
+    it does have *extremely* rudimental
+    functionality now.
+- maxdb
+  - [moved] The MaxDB dialect, which hasn't been
+    functional for several years, is
+    moved out to a pending bitbucket project,
+- sqlite
+  - [feature] the SQLite date and time types
+    have been overhauled to support a more open
+    ended format for input and output, using
+    name based format strings and regexps.  A
+    new argument "microseconds" also provides
+    the option to omit the "microseconds"
+    portion of timestamps.  Thanks to
+    Nathan Wright for the work and tests on
+    this.  [ticket:2363]
+- mssql
+  - [feature] SQL Server dialect can be given
+    database-qualified schema names,
+    i.e. "schema='mydatabase.dbo'"; reflection
+    operations will detect this, split the schema
+    among the "." to get the owner separately,
+    and emit a "USE mydatabase" statement before
+    reflecting targets within the "dbo" owner;
+    the existing database returned from
+    DB_NAME() is then restored.
+  - [bug] removed legacy behavior whereby
+    a column comparison to a scalar SELECT via
+    == would coerce to an IN with the SQL server
+    dialect.  This is implicit
+    behavior which fails in other scenarios
+    so is removed.  Code which relies on this
+    needs to be modified to use column.in_(select)
+    explicitly.  [ticket:2277]
+  - [feature] updated support for the mxodbc
+    driver; mxodbc 3.2.1 is recommended for full
+    compatibility.
+- postgresql
+  - [feature] postgresql.ARRAY features an optional
+    "dimension" argument, will assign a specific
+    number of dimensions to the array which will
+    render in DDL as ARRAY[][]..., also improves
+    performance of bind/result processing.
+    [ticket:2441]
+  - [feature] postgresql.ARRAY now supports
+    indexing and slicing.  The Python [] operator
+    is available on all SQL expressions that are
+    of type ARRAY; integer or simple slices can be
+    passed.  The slices can also be used on the
+    assignment side in the SET clause of an UPDATE
+    statement by passing them into Update.values();
+    see the docs for examples.
+  - [feature] Added new "array literal" construct
+    postgresql.array().  Basically a "tuple" that
+    renders as ARRAY[1,2,3].
+  - [feature] Added support for the Postgresql ONLY
+    keyword, which can appear corresponding to a
+    table in a SELECT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement.
+    The phrase is established using with_hint().
+    Courtesy Ryan Kelly [ticket:2506]
+  - [feature] The "ischema_names" dictionary of the
+    Postgresql dialect is "unofficially" customizable.
+    Meaning, new types such as PostGIS types can
+    be added into this dictionary, and the PG type
+    reflection code should be able to handle simple
+    types with variable numbers of arguments.
+    The functionality here is "unofficial" for
+    three reasons:
+    1. this is not an "official" API.  Ideally
+       an "official" API would allow custom type-handling
+       callables at the dialect or global level
+       in a generic way.
+    2. This is only implemented for the PG dialect,
+       in particular because PG has broad support
+       for custom types vs. other database backends.
+       A real API would be implemented at the
+       default dialect level.
+    3. The reflection code here is only tested against
+       simple types and probably has issues with more
+       compositional types.
+    patch courtesy Éric Lemoine.
+- firebird
+  - [feature] The "startswith()" operator renders
+    as "STARTING WITH", "~startswith()" renders
+    as "NOT STARTING WITH", using FB's more efficient
+    operator.  [ticket:2470]
+  - [bug] CompileError is raised when VARCHAR with
+    no length is attempted to be emitted, same
+    way as MySQL. [ticket:2505]
+  - [bug] Firebird now uses strict "ansi bind rules"
+    so that bound parameters don't render in the
+    columns clause of a statement - they render
+    literally instead.
+  - [bug] Support for passing datetime as date when
+    using the DateTime type with Firebird; other
+    dialects support this.
+  - [feature] An experimental dialect for the fdb
+    driver is added, but is untested as I cannot
+    get the fdb package to build.  [ticket:2504]
+- mysql
+  - [bug] Dialect no longer emits expensive server
+    collations query, as well as server casing,
+    on first connect.  These functions are still
+    available as semi-private. [ticket:2404]
+  - [feature] Added TIME type to mysql dialect,
+    accepts "fst" argument which is the new
+    "fractional seconds" specifier for recent
+    MySQL versions.  The datatype will interpret
+    a microseconds portion received from the driver,
+    however note that at this time most/all MySQL
+    DBAPIs do not support returning this value.
+    [ticket:2534]
+- oracle
+  - [bug] Quoting information is now passed along
+    from a Column with quote=True when generating
+    a same-named bound parameter to the bindparam()
+    object, as is the case in generated INSERT and UPDATE
+    statements, so that unknown reserved names can
+    be fully supported.  [ticket:2437]
+  - [feature] The types of columns excluded from the
+    setinputsizes() set can be customized by sending
+    a list of string DBAPI type names to exclude,
+    using the exclude_setinputsizes dialect parameter.
+    This list was previously fixed.  The list also
+    now defaults to STRING, UNICODE, removing
+    CLOB, NCLOB from the list.  [ticket:2561]
+  - [bug] The CreateIndex construct in Oracle
+    will now schema-qualify the name of the index
+    to be that of the parent table.  Previously this
+    name was omitted which apparently creates the
+    index in the default schema, rather than that
+    of the table.
+- extensions
+  - [removed] The SQLSoup extension is removed from
+    SQLAlchemy, and is now an external project.
+    See .
+    [ticket:2262]
+0.7.7 - 0.7.xx
+0.8 development begins during 0.7.7 development.
+All relevant bug fixes
+and features listed below from version 0.7.7 on
+are also present in 0.8.
+- orm
+  - [bug] Fixed Session accounting bug whereby replacing
+    a deleted object in the identity map with another
+    object of the same primary key would raise a
+    "conflicting state" error on rollback(),
+    if the replaced primary key were established either
+    via non-unitofwork-established INSERT statement
+    or by primary key switch of another instance.
+    [ticket:2583]
+- oracle
+  - [bug] changed the list of cx_oracle types that are
+    excluded from the setinputsizes() step to only include
+    STRING and UNICODE; CLOB and NCLOB are removed.  This
+    is to work around cx_oracle behavior which is broken
+    for the executemany() call.  In 0.8, this same change
+    is applied however it is also configurable via the
+    exclude_setinputsizes argument. [ticket:2561]
+- mysql
+  - [feature] Added "raise_on_warnings" flag to OurSQL
+    dialect.  [ticket:2523]
+  - [feature] Added "read_timeout" flag to MySQLdb
+    dialect.  [ticket:2554]
+- orm
+  - [bug] Fixed bug mostly local to new
+    AbstractConcreteBase helper where the "type"
+    attribute from the superclass would not
+    be overridden on the subclass to produce the
+    "reserved for base" error message, instead placing
+    a do-nothing attribute there.  This was inconsistent
+    vs. using ConcreteBase as well as all the behavior
+    of classical concrete mappings, where the "type"
+    column from the polymorphic base would be explicitly
+    disabled on subclasses, unless overridden
+    explicitly.
+  - [bug] A warning is emitted when lazy='dynamic'
+    is combined with uselist=False.  This is an
+    exception raise in 0.8.
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby user error in related-object
+    assignment could cause recursion overflow if the
+    assignment triggered a backref of the same name
+    as a bi-directional attribute on the incorrect
+    class to the same target.  An informative
+    error is raised now.
+  - [bug] Fixed bug where incorrect type information
+    would be passed when the ORM would bind the
+    "version" column, when using the "version" feature.
+    Tests courtesy Daniel Miller.  [ticket:2539]
+  - [bug] Extra logic has been added to the "flush"
+    that occurs within Session.commit(), such that the
+    extra state added by an after_flush() or
+    after_flush_postexec() hook is also flushed in a
+    subsequent flush, before the "commit" completes.
+    Subsequent calls to flush() will continue until
+    the after_flush hooks stop adding new state.
+    An "overflow" counter of 100 is also in place,
+    in the event of a broken after_flush() hook
+    adding new content each time. [ticket:2566]
+- sql
+  - [bug] Fixed the DropIndex construct to support
+    an Index associated with a Table in a remote
+    schema. [ticket:2571]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug in over() construct whereby
+    passing an empty list for either partition_by
+    or order_by, as opposed to None, would fail
+    to generate correctly.
+    Courtesy Gunnlaugur Þór Briem.
+    [ticket:2574]
+  - [bug] Fixed CTE bug whereby positional
+    bound parameters present in the CTEs themselves
+    would corrupt the overall ordering of
+    bound parameters.  This primarily
+    affected SQL Server as the platform with
+    positional binds + CTE support.
+    [ticket:2521]
+  - [bug] Fixed more un-intuitivenesses in CTEs
+    which prevented referring to a CTE in a union
+    of itself without it being aliased.
+    CTEs now render uniquely
+    on name, rendering the outermost CTE of a given
+    name only - all other references are rendered
+    just as the name.   This even includes other
+    CTE/SELECTs that refer to different versions
+    of the same CTE object, such as a SELECT
+    or a UNION ALL of that SELECT. We are
+    somewhat loosening the usual link between object
+    identity and lexical identity in this case.
+    A true name conflict between two unrelated
+    CTEs now raises an error.
+  - [bug] quoting is applied to the column names
+    inside the WITH RECURSIVE clause of a
+    common table expression according to the
+    quoting rules for the originating Column.
+    [ticket:2512]
+  - [bug] Fixed regression introduced in 0.7.6
+    whereby the FROM list of a SELECT statement
+    could be incorrect in certain "clone+replace"
+    scenarios.  [ticket:2518]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby usage of a UNION
+    or similar inside of an embedded subquery
+    would interfere with result-column targeting,
+    in the case that a result-column had the same
+    ultimate name as a name inside the embedded
+    UNION. [ticket:2552]
+  - [bug] Fixed a regression since 0.6 regarding
+    result-row targeting.   It should be possible
+    to use a select() statement with string
+    based columns in it, that is
+    select(['id', 'name']).select_from('mytable'),
+    and have this statement be targetable by
+    Column objects with those names; this is the
+    mechanism by which
+    query(MyClass).from_statement(some_statement)
+    works.  At some point the specific case of
+    using select(['id']), which is equivalent to
+    select([literal_column('id')]), stopped working
+    here, so this has been re-instated and of
+    course tested. [ticket:2558]
+  - [bug] Added missing operators is_(), isnot()
+    to the ColumnOperators base, so that these long-available
+    operators are present as methods like all
+    the other operators.  [ticket:2544]
+  - [bug] When the primary key column of a Table
+    is replaced, such as via extend_existing,
+    the "auto increment" column used by insert()
+    constructs is reset.  Previously it would
+    remain referring to the previous primary
+    key column.  [ticket:2525]
+- engine
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby
+    a disconnect detect + dispose that occurs
+    when the QueuePool has threads waiting
+    for connections would leave those
+    threads waiting for the duration of
+    the timeout on the old pool (or indefinitely
+    if timeout was disabled).   The fix
+    now notifies those waiters with a special
+    exception case and has them move onto
+    the new pool.  [ticket:2522]
+  - [feature] Dramatic improvement in memory
+    usage of the event system; instance-level
+    collections are no longer created for a
+    particular type of event until
+    instance-level listeners are established
+    for that event.  [ticket:2516]
+  - [bug] Added gaerdbms import to mysql/,
+    the absense of which was preventing the new
+    GAE dialect from being loaded.  [ticket:2529]
+  - [bug] Fixed cextension bug whereby the
+    "ambiguous column error" would fail to
+    function properly if the given index were
+    a Column object and not a string.
+    Note there are still some column-targeting
+    issues here which are fixed in 0.8.
+    [ticket:2553]
+  - [bug] Fixed the repr() of Enum to include
+    the "name" and "native_enum" flags.  Helps
+    Alembic autogenerate.
+- sqlite
+  - [bug] Adjusted a very old bugfix which attempted
+    to work around a SQLite issue that itself was
+    "fixed" as of sqlite 3.6.14, regarding quotes
+    surrounding a table name when using
+    the "foreign_key_list" pragma.  The fix has been
+    adjusted to not interfere with quotes that
+    are *actually in the name* of a column or table,
+    to as much a degree as possible; sqlite still
+    doesn't return the correct result for foreign_key_list()
+    if the target table actually has quotes surrounding
+    its name, as *part* of its name (i.e. """mytable""").
+    [ticket:2568]
+  - [bug] Adjusted column default reflection code to
+    convert non-string values to string, to accommodate
+    old SQLite versions that don't deliver
+    default info as a string.  [ticket:2265]
+  - [feature] Added support for the localtimestamp()
+    SQL function implemented in SQLite, courtesy
+    Richard Mitchell.
+- postgresql
+  - [bug] Columns in reflected primary key constraint
+    are now returned in the order in which the constraint
+    itself defines them, rather than how the table
+    orders them.  Courtesy Gunnlaugur Þór Briem.
+    [ticket:2531].
+  - [bug] Added 'terminating connection' to the list
+    of messages we use to detect a disconnect with PG, which
+    appears to be present in some versions when the server
+    is restarted.  [ticket:2570]
+- mysql
+  - [bug] Updated mysqlconnector interface to use
+    updated "client flag" and "charset" APIs,
+    courtesy David McNelis.
+- mssql
+  - [bug] Fixed compiler bug whereby using a correlated
+    subquery within an ORDER BY would fail to render correctly
+    if the stament also used LIMIT/OFFSET, due to mis-rendering
+    within the ROW_NUMBER() OVER clause.  Fix courtesy
+    sayap [ticket:2538]
+  - [bug] Fixed compiler bug whereby a given
+    select() would be modified if it had an "offset"
+    attribute, causing the construct to not compile
+    correctly a second time.  [ticket:2545]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug where reflection of primary key constraint
+    would double up columns if the same constraint/table
+    existed in multiple schemas.
+- orm
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby subqueryload() from
+    a polymorphic mapping to a target would incur
+    a new invocation of the query for each
+    distinct class encountered in the polymorphic
+    result.  [ticket:2480]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug in declarative
+    whereby the precedence of columns
+    in a joined-table, composite
+    column (typically for id) would fail to
+    be correct if the columns contained
+    names distinct from their attribute
+    names.  This would cause things like
+    primaryjoin conditions made against the
+    entity attributes to be incorrect.  Related
+    to [ticket:1892] as this was supposed
+    to be part of that, this is [ticket:2491].
+  - [feature] The 'objects' argument to
+    flush() is no longer deprecated, as some
+    valid use cases have been identified.
+  - [bug] Fixed identity_key() function which
+    was not accepting a scalar argument
+    for the identity.  [ticket:2508].
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby populate_existing
+    option would not propagate to subquery
+    eager loaders.  [ticket:2497].
+- sql
+  - [bug] added BIGINT to types.__all__,
+    BIGINT, BINARY, VARBINARY to sqlalchemy
+    module namespace, plus test to ensure
+    this breakage doesn't occur again.
+    [ticket:2499]
+  - [bug] Repaired common table expression
+    rendering to function correctly when the
+    SELECT statement contains UNION or other
+    compound expressions, courtesy btbuilder.
+    [ticket:2490]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby append_column()
+    wouldn't function correctly on a cloned
+    select() construct, courtesy
+    Gunnlaugur Þór Briem.  [ticket:2482]
+- engine
+  - [bug] Fixed memory leak in C version of
+    result proxy whereby DBAPIs which don't deliver
+    pure Python tuples for result rows would
+    fail to decrement refcounts correctly.
+    The most prominently affected DBAPI
+    is pyodbc.  [ticket:2489]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug affecting Py3K whereby
+    string positional parameters passed to
+    engine/connection execute() would fail to be
+    interpreted correctly, due to __iter__
+    being present on Py3K string.
+    [ticket:2503].
+- postgresql
+  - [bug] removed unnecessary table clause when
+    reflecting enums, [ticket:2510].  Courtesy
+    Gunnlaugur Þór Briem.
+- oracle
+  - [bug] Added ROWID to oracle.*, [ticket:2483]
+- mysql
+  - [feature] Added a new dialect for Google App
+    Engine.  Courtesy Richie Foreman. [ticket:2484]
+- orm
+  - [bug] Fixed issue in unit of work
+    whereby setting a non-None self-referential
+    many-to-one relationship to None
+    would fail to persist the change if the
+    former value was not already loaded.
+    [ticket:2477].
+  - [feature] Added prefix_with() method
+    to Query, calls upon select().prefix_with()
+    to allow placement of MySQL SELECT
+    directives in statements.  Courtesy
+    Diana Clarke [ticket:2443]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug in 0.7.6 introduced by
+    [ticket:2409] whereby column_mapped_collection
+    used against columns that were mapped as
+    joins or other indirect selectables
+    would fail to function.
+  - [feature] Added new flag to @validates
+    include_removes.  When True, collection
+    remove and attribute del events
+    will also be sent to the validation function,
+    which accepts an additional argument
+    "is_remove" when this flag is used.
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby polymorphic_on
+    column that's not otherwise mapped on the
+    class would be incorrectly included
+    in a merge() operation, raising an error.
+    [ticket:2449]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug in expression annotation
+    mechanics which could lead to incorrect
+    rendering of SELECT statements with aliases
+    and joins, particularly when using
+    column_property().  [ticket:2453]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug which would prevent
+    OrderingList from being pickleable
+    [ticket:2454].  Courtesy Jeff Dairiki
+  - [bug] Fixed bug in relationship comparisons
+    whereby calling unimplemented methods like
+ would
+    produce a recursion overflow, instead
+    of NotImplementedError.
+- sql
+  - [bug] Removed warning when Index is created
+    with no columns; while this might not be what
+    the user intended, it is a valid use case
+    as an Index could be a placeholder for just an
+    index of a certain name.
+  - [feature] Added new connection event
+    dbapi_error(). Is called for all DBAPI-level
+    errors passing the original DBAPI exception
+    before SQLAlchemy modifies the state
+    of the cursor.
+  - [bug] If conn.begin() fails when calling
+    "with engine.begin()", the newly acquired
+    Connection is closed explicitly before
+    propagating the exception onward normally.
+  - [bug] Add BINARY, VARBINARY to types.__all__,
+    [ticket:2474]
+- mssql
+  - [feature] Added interim create_engine flag
+    supports_unicode_binds to PyODBC dialect,
+    to force whether or not the dialect
+    passes Python unicode literals to PyODBC
+    or not.
+  - [bug] Repaired the use_scope_identity
+    create_engine() flag when using the pyodbc
+    dialect.  Previously this flag would be
+    ignored if set to False.  When set to False,
+    you'll get "SELECT @@identity" after each
+    INSERT to get at the last inserted ID,
+    for those tables which have "implicit_returning"
+    set to False.
+  - [bug] UPDATE..FROM syntax with SQL Server
+    requires that the updated table be present
+    in the FROM clause when an alias of that
+    table is also present in the FROM clause.
+    The updated table is now always present
+    in the FROM, when FROM is present
+    in the first place.  Courtesy sayap.
+    [ticket:2468]
+- postgresql
+  - [feature] Added new for_update/with_lockmode()
+    options for Postgresql: for_update="read"/
+    with_lockmode("read"),
+    for_update="read_nowait"/
+    with_lockmode("read_nowait").
+    These emit "FOR SHARE" and "FOR SHARE NOWAIT",
+    respectively.  Courtesy Diana Clarke
+    [ticket:2445]
+  - [bug] removed unnecessary table clause
+    when reflecting domains, [ticket:2473]
+- mysql
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby column name inside
+    of "KEY" clause for autoincrement composite
+    column with InnoDB would double quote a
+    name that's a reserved word.  Courtesy Jeff
+    Dairiki. [ticket:2460]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby get_view_names() for
+    "information_schema" schema would fail
+    to retrieve views marked as "SYSTEM VIEW".
+    courtesy Matthew Turland.
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby if cast() is used
+    on a SQL expression whose type is not supported
+    by cast() and therefore CAST isn't rendered by
+    the dialect, the order of evaluation could change
+    if the casted expression required that it be
+    grouped; grouping is now applied to those
+    expressions.  [ticket:2467]
+- sqlite
+  - [feature] Added SQLite execution option
+    "sqlite_raw_colnames=True", will bypass
+    attempts to remove "." from column names
+    returned by SQLite cursor.description.
+    [ticket:2475]
+- orm
+  - [bug] Fixed event registration bug
+    which would primarily show up as
+    events not being registered with
+    sessionmaker() instances created
+    after the event was associated
+    with the Session class.  [ticket:2424]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby a primaryjoin
+    condition with a "literal" in it would
+    raise an error on compile with certain
+    kinds of deeply nested expressions
+    which also needed to render the same
+    bound parameter name more than once.
+    [ticket:2425]
+  - [feature] Added "no_autoflush" context
+    manager to Session, used with with:
+    will temporarily disable autoflush.
+  - [feature] Added cte() method to Query,
+    invokes common table expression support
+    from the Core (see below). [ticket:1859]
+  - [bug] Removed the check for number of
+    rows affected when doing a multi-delete
+    against mapped objects.   If an ON DELETE
+    CASCADE exists between two rows, we can't
+    get an accurate rowcount from the DBAPI;
+    this particular count is not supported
+    on most DBAPIs in any case, MySQLdb
+    is the notable case where it is.
+    [ticket:2403]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby objects using
+    attribute_mapped_collection or
+    column_mapped_collection could not be
+    pickled.  [ticket:2409]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby MappedCollection
+    would not get the appropriate collection
+    instrumentation if it were only used
+    in a custom subclass that used
+    @collection.internally_instrumented.
+    [ticket:2406]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby SQL adaption mechanics
+    would fail in a very nested scenario involving
+    joined-inheritance, joinedload(), limit(), and a
+    derived function in the columns clause.
+    [ticket:2419]
+  - [bug] Fixed the repr() for CascadeOptions to
+    include refresh-expire.  Also reworked
+    CascadeOptions to be a <frozenset>.
+    [ticket:2417]
+  - [feature] Added the ability to query for
+    Table-bound column names when using
+    query(sometable).filter_by(colname=value).
+    [ticket:2400]
+  - [bug] Improved the "declarative reflection"
+    example to support single-table inheritance,
+    multiple calls to prepare(), tables that
+    are present in alternate schemas,
+    establishing only a subset of classes
+    as reflected.
+  - [bug] Scaled back the test applied within
+    flush() to check for UPDATE against partially
+    NULL PK within one table to only actually
+    happen if there's really an UPDATE to occur.
+    [ticket:2390]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby if a method name
+    conflicted with a column name, a
+    TypeError would be raised when the mapper
+    tried to inspect the __get__() method
+    on the method object.  [ticket:2352]
+- sql
+  - [bug] Fixed memory leak in core which would
+    occur when C extensions were used with
+    particular types of result fetches,
+    in particular when orm query.count()
+    were called.  [ticket:2427]
+  - [bug] Fixed issue whereby attribute-based
+    column access on a row would raise
+    AttributeError with non-C version,
+    NoSuchColumnError with C version.  Now
+    raises AttributeError in both cases.
+    [ticket:2398]
+  - [feature] Added support for SQL standard
+    common table expressions (CTE), allowing
+    SELECT objects as the CTE source (DML
+    not yet supported).  This is invoked via
+    the cte() method on any select() construct.
+    [ticket:1859]
+  - [bug] Added support for using the .key
+    of a Column as a string identifier in a
+    result set row.   The .key is currently
+    listed as an "alternate" name for a column,
+    and is superseded by the name of a column
+    which has that key value as its regular name.
+    For the next major release
+    of SQLAlchemy we may reverse this precedence
+    so that .key takes precedence, but this
+    is not decided on yet.  [ticket:2392]
+  - [bug] A warning is emitted when a not-present
+    column is stated in the values() clause
+    of an insert() or update() construct.
+    Will move to an exception in 0.8.
+    [ticket:2413]
+  - [bug] A significant change to how labeling
+    is applied to columns in SELECT statements
+    allows "truncated" labels, that is label names
+    that are generated in Python which exceed
+    the maximum identifier length (note this is
+    configurable via label_length on create_engine()),
+    to be properly referenced when rendered inside
+    of a subquery, as well as to be present
+    in a result set row using their original
+    in-Python names.   [ticket:2396]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug in new "autoload_replace" flag
+    which would fail to preserve the primary
+    key constraint of the reflected table.
+    [ticket:2402]
+  - [bug] Index will raise when arguments passed
+    cannot be interpreted as columns or expressions.
+    Will warn when Index is created
+    with no columns at all.  [ticket:2380]
+- engine
+  - [feature] Added "no_parameters=True" execution
+    option for connections.   If no parameters
+    are present, will pass the statement
+    as cursor.execute(statement), thereby invoking
+    the DBAPIs behavior when no parameter collection
+    is present; for psycopg2 and mysql-python, this
+    means not interpreting % signs in the string.
+    This only occurs with this option, and not
+    just if the param list is blank, as otherwise
+    this would produce inconsistent behavior
+    of SQL expressions that normally escape percent
+    signs (and while compiling, can't know ahead of
+    time if parameters will be present in
+    some cases).  [ticket:2407]
+  - [bug] Added execution_options() call to
+    MockConnection (i.e., that used with
+    strategy="mock") which acts as a pass through
+    for arguments.
+  - [feature] Added pool_reset_on_return argument
+    to create_engine, allows control over
+    "connection return" behavior.  Also added
+    new arguments 'rollback', 'commit', None
+    to pool.reset_on_return to allow more control
+    over connection return activity. [ticket:2378]
+  - [feature] Added some decent context managers
+    to Engine, Connection:
+        with engine.begin() as conn:
+            <work with conn in a transaction>
+    and:
+        with engine.connect() as conn:
+            <work with conn>
+    Both close out the connection when done,
+    commit or rollback transaction with errors
+    on engine.begin().
+- sqlite
+  - [bug] Fixed bug in C extensions whereby
+    string format would not be applied to a
+    Numeric value returned as integer; this
+    affected primarily SQLite which does
+    not maintain numeric scale settings.
+    [ticket:2432]
+- mssql
+  - [feature] Added support for MSSQL INSERT,
+    UPDATE, and DELETE table hints, using
+    new with_hint() method on UpdateBase.
+    [ticket:2430]
+- mysql
+  - [feature] Added support for MySQL index and
+    primary key constraint types
+    (i.e. USING) via new mysql_using parameter
+    to Index and PrimaryKeyConstraint,
+    courtesy Diana Clarke.  [ticket:2386]
+  - [feature] Added support for the "isolation_level"
+    parameter to all MySQL dialects.  Thanks
+    to mu_mind for the patch here. [ticket:2394]
+- oracle
+  - [feature] Added a new create_engine() flag
+    coerce_to_decimal=False, disables the precision
+    numeric handling which can add lots of overhead
+    by converting all numeric values to
+    Decimal.  [ticket:2399]
+  - [bug] Added missing compilation support for
+    LONG [ticket:2401]
+  - [bug] Added 'LEVEL' to the list of reserved
+    words for Oracle.  [ticket:2435]
+- examples
+  - [bug] Altered _params_from_query() function
+    in Beaker example to pull bindparams from the
+    fully compiled statement, as a quick means
+    to get everything including subqueries in the
+    columns clause, etc.
+0.7.5 (January 28, 2012)
+- orm
+  - [bug] Fixed issue where modified session state
+    established after a failed flush would be committed
+    as part of the subsequent transaction that
+    begins automatically after manual call
+    to rollback().   The state of the session is
+    checked within rollback(), and if new state
+    is present, a warning is emitted and
+    restore_snapshot() is called a second time,
+    discarding those changes. [ticket:2389]
+  - [bug] Fixed regression from 0.7.4 whereby
+    using an already instrumented column from a
+    superclass as "polymorphic_on" failed to resolve
+    the underlying Column.  [ticket:2345]
+  - [bug] Raise an exception if xyzload_all() is
+    used inappropriately with two non-connected
+    relationships.  [ticket:2370]
+  - [feature] Added "class_registry" argument to
+    declarative_base().  Allows two or more declarative
+    bases to share the same registry of class names.
+  - [feature] query.filter() accepts multiple
+    criteria which will join via AND, i.e.
+    query.filter(x==y, z>q, ...)
+  - [feature] Added new capability to relationship
+    loader options to allow "default" loader strategies.
+    Pass '*' to any of joinedload(), lazyload(),
+    subqueryload(), or noload() and that becomes the
+    loader strategy used for all relationships,
+    except for those explicitly stated in the
+    Query.  Thanks to up-and-coming contributor
+    Kent Bower for an exhaustive and well
+    written test suite !  [ticket:2351]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby event.listen(SomeClass)
+    forced an entirely unnecessary compile of the
+    mapper, making events very hard to set up
+    at module import time (nobody noticed this ??)
+    [ticket:2367]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby hybrid_property didn't
+    work as a kw arg in any(), has().
+  - Fixed regression from 0.6 whereby if
+    "load_on_pending" relationship() flag were used
+    where a non-"get()" lazy clause needed to be
+    emitted on a pending object, it would fail
+    to load.
+  - [bug] ensure pickleability of all ORM exceptions
+    for multiprocessing compatibility. [ticket:2371]
+  - [bug] implemented standard "can't set attribute" /
+    "can't delete attribute" AttributeError when
+    setattr/delattr used on a hybrid that doesn't
+    define fset or fdel. [ticket:2353]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug where unpickled object didn't
+    have enough of its state set up to work
+    correctly within the unpickle() event established
+    by the mutable object extension, if the object
+    needed ORM attribute access within
+    __eq__() or similar. [ticket:2362]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug where "merge" cascade could
+    mis-interpret an unloaded attribute, if the
+    load_on_pending flag were used with
+    relationship().  Thanks to Kent Bower
+    for tests.  [ticket:2374]
+  - [feature] New declarative reflection example
+    added, illustrates how best to mix table reflection
+    with declarative as well as uses some new features
+    from [ticket:2356].
+- sql
+  - [feature] New reflection feature "autoload_replace";
+    when set to False on Table, the Table can be autoloaded
+    without existing columns being replaced.  Allows
+    more flexible chains of Table construction/reflection
+    to be constructed, including that it helps with
+    combining Declarative with table reflection.
+    See the new example on the wiki.  [ticket:2356]
+  - [bug] Improved the API for add_column() such that
+    if the same column is added to its own table,
+    an error is not raised and the constraints
+    don't get doubled up.  Also helps with some
+    reflection/declarative patterns. [ticket:2356]
+  - [feature] Added "false()" and "true()" expression
+    constructs to sqlalchemy.sql namespace, though
+    not part of __all__ as of yet.
+  - [feature] Dialect-specific compilers now raise
+    CompileException for all type/statement compilation
+    issues, instead of InvalidRequestError or ArgumentError.
+    The DDL for CREATE TABLE will re-raise
+    CompileExceptions to include table/column information
+    for the problematic column.  [ticket:2361]
+  - [bug] Fixed issue where the "required" exception
+    would not be raised for bindparam() with required=True,
+    if the statement were given no parameters at all.
+    [ticket:2381]
+- engine
+  - [bug] Added __reduce__ to StatementError,
+    DBAPIError, column errors so that exceptions
+    are pickleable, as when using multiprocessing.
+    However, not
+    all DBAPIs support this yet, such as
+    psycopg2. [ticket:2371]
+  - [bug] Improved error messages when a non-string
+    or invalid string is passed to any of the
+    date/time processors used by SQLite, including
+    C and Python versions.  [ticket:2382]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby a table-bound Column
+    object named "<a>_<b>" which matched a column
+    labeled as "<tablename>_<colname>" could match
+    inappropriately when targeting in a result
+    set row.  [ticket:2377]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug in "mock" strategy whereby
+    correct DDL visit method wasn't called, resulting
+    in "CREATE/DROP SEQUENCE" statements being
+    duplicated [ticket:2384]
+- sqlite
+  - [bug] the "name" of an FK constraint in SQLite
+    is reflected as "None", not "0" or other
+    integer value [ticket:2364].
+    SQLite does not appear to support constraint
+    naming in any case.
+  - [bug] sql.false() and sql.true() compile to
+    0 and 1, respectively in sqlite [ticket:2368]
+  - [bug] removed an erroneous "raise" in the
+    SQLite dialect when getting table names
+    and view names, where logic is in place
+    to fall back to an older version of
+    SQLite that doesn't have the
+    "sqlite_temp_master" table.
+- mysql
+  - [bug] fixed regexp that filters out warnings
+    for non-reflected "PARTITION" directives,
+    thanks to George Reilly [ticket:2376]
+- mssql
+  - [bug] Adjusted the regexp used in the
+    mssql.TIME type to ensure only six digits
+    are received for the "microseconds" portion
+    of the value, which is expected by
+    Python's datetime.time().  Note that
+    support for sending microseconds doesn't
+    seem to be possible yet with pyodbc
+    at least.  [ticket:2340]
+  - [bug] Dropped the "30 char" limit on pymssql,
+    based on reports that it's doing things
+    better these days.  pymssql hasn't been
+    well tested and as the DBAPI is in flux
+    it's still not clear what the status
+    is on this driver and how SQLAlchemy's
+    implementation should adapt.  [ticket:2347]
+- oracle
+  - [bug] Added ORA-03135 to the never ending
+    list of oracle "connection lost" errors
+    [ticket:2388]
+- core
+  - [bug] Changed LRUCache, used by the mapper
+    to cache INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements,
+    to use an incrementing counter instead
+    of a timestamp to track entries, for greater
+    reliability versus using time.time(), which
+    can cause test failures on some platforms.
+    [ticket:2379]
+  - [bug] Added a boolean check for the "finalize"
+    function within the pool connection proxy's
+    weakref callback before calling it, so that a
+    warning isn't emitted that this function is None
+    when the application is exiting and gc has
+    removed the function from the module before the
+    weakref callback was invoked.  [ticket:2383]
+- Py3K
+  - [bug] Fixed inappropriate usage of util.py3k
+    flag and renamed it to util.py3k_warning, since
+    this flag is intended to detect the -3 flag
+    series of import restrictions only.
+    [ticket:2348]
+- examples
+  - [feature] Simplified the versioning example
+    a bit to use a declarative mixin as well
+    as an event listener, instead of a metaclass +
+    SessionExtension.  [ticket:2313]
+  - [bug] Fixed to close the
+    session before dropping tables. [ticket:2346]
+0.7.4 (December 9, 2011)
+- orm
+  - [bug] Fixed backref behavior when "popping" the
+    value off of a many-to-one in response to
+    a removal from a stale one-to-many - the operation
+    is skipped, since the many-to-one has since
+    been updated.  [ticket:2315]
+  - [bug] After some years of not doing this, added
+    more granularity to the "is X a parent of Y"
+    functionality, which is used when determining
+    if the FK on "Y" needs to be "nulled out" as well
+    as if "Y" should be deleted with delete-orphan
+    cascade.   The test now takes into account the
+    Python identity of the parent as well its identity
+    key, to see if the last known parent of Y is
+    definitely X.   If a decision
+    can't be made, a StaleDataError is raised.  The
+    conditions where this error is raised are fairly
+    rare, requiring that the previous parent was
+    garbage collected, and previously
+    could very well inappropriately update/delete
+    a record that's since moved onto a new parent,
+    though there may be some cases where
+    "silent success" occurred previously that will now
+    raise in the face of ambiguity.
+    Expiring "Y" resets the "parent" tracker, meaning
+    X.remove(Y) could then end up deleting Y even
+    if X is stale, but this is the same behavior
+    as before; it's advised to expire X also in that
+    case.  [ticket:2264]
+  - [bug] fixed inappropriate evaluation of user-mapped
+    object in a boolean context within query.get()
+    [ticket:2310].  Also in 0.6.9.
+  - [bug] Added missing comma to PASSIVE_RETURN_NEVER_SET
+    symbol [ticket:2304]
+  - [bug] Cls.column.collate("some collation") now
+    works.  [ticket:1776]  Also in 0.6.9
+  - [bug] the value of a composite attribute is now
+    expired after an insert or update operation, instead
+    of regenerated in place.  This ensures that a
+    column value which is expired within a flush
+    will be loaded first, before the composite
+    is regenerated using that value.  [ticket:2309]
+  - [bug] The fix in [ticket:2309] also emits the
+    "refresh" event when the composite value is
+    loaded on access, even if all column
+    values were already present, as is appropriate.
+    This fixes the "mutable" extension which relies
+    upon the "load" event to ensure the _parents
+    dictionary is up to date, fixes [ticket:2308].
+    Thanks to Scott Torborg for the test case here.
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby a subclass of a subclass
+    using concrete inheritance in conjunction with
+    the new ConcreteBase or AbstractConcreteBase
+    would fail to apply the subclasses deeper than
+    one level to the "polymorphic loader" of each
+    base  [ticket:2312]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby a subclass of a subclass
+    using the new AbstractConcreteBase would fail
+    to acquire the correct "base_mapper" attribute
+    when the "base" mapper was generated, thereby
+    causing failures later on.  [ticket:2312]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby column_property() created
+    against ORM-level column could be treated as
+    a distinct entity when producing certain
+    kinds of joined-inh joins.  [ticket:2316]
+  - [bug] Fixed the error formatting raised when
+    a tuple is inadvertently passed to session.query()
+    [ticket:2297].  Also in 0.6.9.
+  - [bug] Calls to query.join() to a single-table
+    inheritance subclass are now tracked, and
+    are used to eliminate the additional WHERE..
+    IN criterion normally tacked on with single
+    table inheritance, since the join should
+    accommodate it.  This allows OUTER JOIN
+    to a single table subclass to produce
+    the correct results, and overall will produce
+    fewer WHERE criterion when dealing with
+    single table inheritance joins.
+    [ticket:2328]
+  - [bug] __table_args__ can now be passed as
+    an empty tuple as well as an empty dict.
+    [ticket:2339].  Thanks to Fayaz Yusuf Khan
+    for the patch.
+  - [bug] Updated warning message when setting
+    delete-orphan without delete to no longer
+    refer to 0.6, as we never got around to
+    upgrading this to an exception.  Ideally
+    this might be better as an exception but
+    it's not critical either way.  [ticket:2325]
+  - [feature] polymorphic_on now accepts many
+    new kinds of values:
+      - standalone expressions that aren't
+        otherwise mapped
+      - column_property() objects
+      - string names of any column_property()
+        or attribute name of a mapped Column
+    The docs include an example using
+    the case() construct, which is likely to be
+    a common constructed used here.
+    [ticket:2345] and part of [ticket:2238]
+    Standalone expressions in polymorphic_on
+    propagate to single-table inheritance
+    subclasses so that they are used in the
+    WHERE /JOIN clause to limit rows to that
+    subclass as is the usual behavior.
+  - [feature] IdentitySet supports the - operator
+    as the same as difference(), handy when dealing
+    with Session.dirty etc. [ticket:2301]
+  - [feature] Added new value for Column autoincrement
+    called "ignore_fk", can be used to force autoincrement
+    on a column that's still part of a ForeignKeyConstraint.
+    New example in the relationship docs illustrates
+    its use.
+  - [bug] Fixed bug in get_history() when referring
+    to a composite attribute that has no value;
+    added coverage for get_history() regarding
+    composites which is otherwise just a userland
+    function.
+- sql
+   - [bug] related to [ticket:2316], made some
+     adjustments to the change from [ticket:2261]
+     regarding the "from" list on a select(). The
+     _froms collection is no longer memoized, as this
+     simplifies various use cases and removes the
+     need for a "warning" if a column is attached
+     to a table after it was already used in an
+     expression - the select() construct will now
+     always produce the correct expression.
+     There's probably no real-world
+     performance hit here; select() objects are
+     almost always made ad-hoc, and systems that
+     wish to optimize the re-use of a select()
+     would be using the "compiled_cache" feature.
+     A hit which would occur when calling select.bind
+     has been reduced, but the vast majority
+     of users shouldn't be using "bound metadata"
+     anyway :).
+   - [feature] The update() construct can now accommodate
+     multiple tables in the WHERE clause, which will
+     render an "UPDATE..FROM" construct, recognized by
+     Postgresql and MSSQL.  When compiled on MySQL,
+     will instead generate "UPDATE t1, t2, ..".  MySQL
+     additionally can render against multiple tables in the
+     SET clause, if Column objects are used as keys
+     in the "values" parameter or generative method.
+     [ticket:2166] [ticket:1944]
+   - [feature] Added accessor to types called "python_type",
+     returns the rudimentary Python type object
+     for a particular TypeEngine instance, if known,
+     else raises NotImplementedError.  [ticket:77]
+   - [bug] further tweak to the fix from [ticket:2261],
+     so that generative methods work a bit better
+     off of cloned (this is almost a non-use case though).
+     In particular this allows with_only_columns()
+     to behave more consistently.   Added additional
+     documentation to with_only_columns() to clarify
+     expected behavior, which changed as a result
+     of [ticket:2261].  [ticket:2319]
+- engine
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby transaction.rollback()
+    would throw an error on an invalidated
+    connection if the transaction were a
+    two-phase or savepoint transaction.
+    For plain transactions, rollback() is a no-op
+    if the connection is invalidated, so while
+    it wasn't 100% clear if it should be a no-op,
+    at least now the interface is consistent.
+    [ticket:2317]
+- schema
+  - [feature] Added new support for remote "schemas":
+    - MetaData() accepts "schema" and "quote_schema"
+      arguments, which will be applied to the same-named
+      arguments of a Table
+      or Sequence which leaves these at their default
+      of ``None``.
+    - Sequence accepts "quote_schema" argument
+    - tometadata() for Table will use the "schema"
+      of the incoming MetaData for the new Table
+      if the schema argument is explicitly "None"
+    - Added CreateSchema and DropSchema DDL
+      constructs - these accept just the string
+      name of a schema and a "quote" flag.
+    - When using default "schema" with MetaData,
+      ForeignKey will also assume the "default" schema
+      when locating remote table.  This allows the "schema"
+      argument on MetaData to be applied to any
+      set of Table objects that otherwise don't have
+      a "schema".
+    - a "has_schema" method has been implemented
+      on dialect, but only works on Postgresql so far.
+    Courtesy Manlio Perillo, [ticket:1679]
+  - [feature] The "extend_existing" flag on Table
+    now allows for the reflection process to take
+    effect for a Table object that's already been
+    defined; when autoload=True and extend_existing=True
+    are both set, the full set of columns will be
+    reflected from the Table which will then
+    *overwrite* those columns already present,
+    rather than no activity occurring.  Columns that
+    are present directly in the autoload run
+    will be used as always, however.
+    [ticket:1410]
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby TypeDecorator would
+    return a stale value for _type_affinity, when
+    using a TypeDecorator that "switches" types,
+    like the CHAR/UUID type.
+  - [bug] Fixed bug whereby "order_by='foreign_key'"
+    option to Inspector.get_table_names
+    wasn't implementing the sort properly, replaced
+    with the existing sort algorithm
+  - [bug] the "name" of a column-level CHECK constraint,
+    if present, is now rendered in the CREATE TABLE
+    statement using "CONSTRAINT <name> CHECK <expression>".
+    [ticket:2305]
+- pyodbc
+   - [bug] pyodbc-based dialects now parse the
+     pyodbc accurately as far as observed
+     pyodbc strings, including such gems
+     as "py3-3.0.1-beta4" [ticket:2318]
+- postgresql
+   - [bug] Postgresql dialect memoizes that an ENUM of a
+     particular name was processed
+     during a create/drop sequence.  This allows
+     a create/drop sequence to work without any
+     calls to "checkfirst", and also means with
+     "checkfirst" turned on it only needs to
+     check for the ENUM once.  [ticket:2311]
+   - [feature] Added create_type constructor argument
+     to pg.ENUM.  When False, no CREATE/DROP or
+     checking for the type will be performed as part
+     of a table create/drop event; only the
+     create()/drop)() methods called directly
+     will do this.  Helps with Alembic "offline"
+     scripts.
+- mssql
+  - [feature] lifted the restriction on SAVEPOINT
+    for SQL Server.  All tests pass using it,
+    it's not known if there are deeper issues
+    however.   [ticket:822]
+  - [bug] repaired the with_hint() feature which
+    wasn't implemented correctly on MSSQL -
+    usually used for the "WITH (NOLOCK)" hint
+    (which you shouldn't be using anyway !
+    use snapshot isolation instead :) )
+    [ticket:2336]
+  - [bug] use new pyodbc version detection for
+    _need_decimal_fix option, [ticket:2318]
+  - [bug] don't cast "table name" as NVARCHAR
+    on SQL Server 2000.  Still mostly in the dark
+    what incantations are needed to make PyODBC
+    work fully with FreeTDS 0.91 here, however.
+    [ticket:2343]
+  - [bug] Decode incoming values when retrieving
+    list of index names and the names of columns
+    within those indexes.  [ticket:2269]
+- mysql
+  - [bug] Unicode adjustments allow latest pymysql
+    (post 0.4) to pass 100% on Python 2.
+- ext
+   - [feature] Added an example to the hybrid docs
+     of a "transformer" - a hybrid that returns a
+     query-transforming callable in combination
+     with a custom comparator.   Uses a new method
+     on Query called with_transformation().  The use
+     case here is fairly experimental, but only
+     adds one line of code to Query.
+   - [bug] the @compiles decorator raises an
+     informative error message when no "default"
+     compilation handler is present, rather
+     than KeyError.
+- examples
+   - [bug] Fixed bug in example where
+     the "unique" flag was not removed from a
+     single-table-inheritance subclass which
+     generates columns to put up onto the base.
+- general
+   - Adjusted the "importlater" mechanism, which is
+     used internally to resolve import cycles,
+     such that the usage of __import__ is completed
+     when the import of sqlalchemy or sqlalchemy.orm
+     is done, thereby avoiding any usage of __import__
+     after the application starts new threads,
+     fixes [ticket:2279].  Also in 0.6.9.
+- orm
+   - Improved query.join() such that the "left" side
+     can more flexibly be a non-ORM selectable,
+     such as a subquery.   A selectable placed
+     in select_from() will now be used as the left
+     side, favored over implicit usage
+     of a mapped entity.
+     If the join still fails based on lack of
+     foreign keys, the error message includes
+     this detail.  Thanks to brianrhude
+     on IRC for the test case.  [ticket:2298]
+   - Added after_soft_rollback() Session event.  This
+     event fires unconditionally whenever rollback()
+     is called, regardless of if an actual DBAPI
+     level rollback occurred.  This event
+     is specifically designed to allow operations
+     with the Session to proceed after a rollback
+     when the Session.is_active is True.
+     [ticket:2241]
+  - added "adapt_on_names" boolean flag to orm.aliased()
+    construct.  Allows an aliased() construct
+    to link the ORM entity to a selectable that contains
+    aggregates or other derived forms of a particular
+    attribute, provided the name is the same as that
+    of the entity mapped column.
+  - Added new flag expire_on_flush=False to column_property(),
+    marks those properties that would otherwise be considered
+    to be "readonly", i.e. derived from SQL expressions,
+    to retain their value after a flush has occurred, including
+    if the parent object itself was involved in an update.
+  - Enhanced the instrumentation in the ORM to support
+    Py3K's new argument style of "required kw arguments",
+    i.e. fn(a, b, *, c, d), fn(a, b, *args, c, d).
+    Argument signatures of mapped object's __init__
+    method will be preserved, including required kw rules.
+    [ticket:2237]
+  - Fixed bug in unit of work whereby detection of
+    "cycles" among classes in highly interlinked patterns
+    would not produce a deterministic
+    result; thereby sometimes missing some nodes that
+    should be considered cycles and causing further
+    issues down the road.  Note this bug is in 0.6
+    also; not backported at the moment.
+    [ticket:2282]
+  - Fixed a variety of synonym()-related regressions
+    from 0.6:
+        - making a synonym against a synonym now works.
+        - synonyms made against a relationship() can
+          be passed to query.join(), options sent
+          to query.options(), passed by name
+          to query.with_parent().
+  - Fixed bug whereby mapper.order_by attribute would
+    be ignored in the "inner" query within a
+    subquery eager load.  [ticket:2287].
+    Also in 0.6.9.
+  - Identity map .discard() uses dict.pop(,None)
+    internally instead of "del" to avoid KeyError/warning
+    during a non-determinate gc teardown [ticket:2267]
+  - Fixed regression in new composite rewrite where
+    deferred=True option failed due to missing
+    import [ticket:2253]
+  - Reinstated "comparator_factory" argument to
+    composite(), removed when 0.7 was released.
+    [ticket:2248]
+  - Fixed bug in query.join() which would occur
+    in a complex multiple-overlapping path scenario,
+    where the same table could be joined to
+    twice.  Thanks *much* to Dave Vitek
+    for the excellent fix here.  [ticket:2247]
+  - Query will convert an OFFSET of zero when
+    slicing into None, so that needless OFFSET
+    clauses are not invoked.
+  - Repaired edge case where mapper would fail
+    to fully update internal state when a relationship
+    on a new mapper would establish a backref on the
+    first mapper.
+  - Fixed bug whereby if __eq__() was
+    redefined, a relationship many-to-one lazyload
+    would hit the __eq__() and fail.  [ticket:2260]
+    Does not apply to 0.6.9.
+  - Calling class_mapper() and passing in an object
+    that is not a "type" (i.e. a class that could
+    potentially be mapped) now raises an informative
+    ArgumentError, rather than UnmappedClassError.
+    [ticket:2196]
+  - New event hook, MapperEvents.after_configured().
+    Called after a configure() step has completed and
+    mappers were in fact affected.   Theoretically this
+    event is called once per application, unless new mappings
+    are constructed after existing ones have been used
+    already.
+  - When an open Session is garbage collected, the objects
+    within it which remain are considered detached again
+    when they are add()-ed to a new Session.
+    This is accomplished by an extra check that the previous
+    "session_key" doesn't actually exist among the pool
+    of Sessions.  [ticket:2281]
+  - New declarative features:
+        - __declare_last__() method, establishes an event
+        listener for the class method that will be called
+        when mappers are completed with the final "configure"
+        step.
+        - __abstract__ flag.   The class will not be mapped
+        at all when this flag is present on the class.
+        - New helper classes ConcreteBase, AbstractConcreteBase.
+        Allow concrete mappings using declarative which automatically
+        set up the "polymorphic_union" when the "configure"
+        mapper step is invoked.
+        - The mapper itself has semi-private methods that allow
+        the "with_polymorphic" selectable to be assigned
+        to the mapper after it has already been configured.
+        [ticket:2239]