Mike Bayer committed 7c34b2b

- keep fcntl import local to FileLock to allow import on windows - #44

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 from dogpile.cache import compat
 from dogpile.cache import util
 import os
-import fcntl
 __all__ = 'DBMBackend', 'FileLock', 'AbstractFileLock'
         self._filedescriptor = compat.threading.local()
         self.filename = filename
+    @util.memoized_property
+    def _module(self):
+        import fcntl
+        return fcntl
     def is_open(self):
         return hasattr(self._filedescriptor, 'fileno')
     def acquire_read_lock(self, wait):
-        return self._acquire(wait, os.O_RDONLY, fcntl.LOCK_SH)
+        return self._acquire(wait, os.O_RDONLY, self._module.LOCK_SH)
     def acquire_write_lock(self, wait):
-        return self._acquire(wait, os.O_WRONLY, fcntl.LOCK_EX)
+        return self._acquire(wait, os.O_WRONLY, self._module.LOCK_EX)
     def release_read_lock(self):
         fileno =, wrflag)
             if not wait:
-                lockflag |= fcntl.LOCK_NB
-            fcntl.flock(fileno, lockflag)
+                lockflag |= self._module.LOCK_NB
+            self._module.flock(fileno, lockflag)
         except IOError:
             if not wait:
         except AttributeError:
-            fcntl.flock(fileno, fcntl.LOCK_UN)
+            self._module.flock(fileno, self._module.LOCK_UN)
             del self._filedescriptor.fileno
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