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File docs/build/changelog.rst

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     .. change::
         :tags: feature
+        :tickets: 13
+      :meth:`.CacheRegion.configure` accepts an
+      optional ``datetime.timedelta`` object
+      for the ``expiration_time`` argument as well
+      as an integer, courtesy Jack Lutz.
+    .. change::
+        :tags: feature
         :tickets: 20
       The ``expiration_time`` argument passed to

File dogpile/cache/region.py

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 from .api import NO_VALUE, CachedValue
 from .proxy import ProxyBackend
 from . import compat
-import time, datetime
+import time
+import datetime
 from numbers import Number
 from functools import wraps
 import threading
          the class from the ``dogpile.cache`` entrypoint.
         :param expiration_time:   Optional.  The expiration time passed
-         to the dogpile system.  The :meth:`.CacheRegion.get_or_create`
+         to the dogpile system.  May be passed as an integer number
+         of seconds, or as a ``datetime.timedelta`` value.
+         .. versionadded 0.4.4
+            ``expiration_time`` may be optionally passed as a
+            ``datetime.timedelta`` value.
+         The :meth:`.CacheRegion.get_or_create`
          method as well as the :meth:`.CacheRegion.cache_on_arguments`
          decorator (though note:  **not** the :meth:`.CacheRegion.get`
          method) will call upon the value creation function after this
             self.backend = backend_cls(arguments or {})
         if not expiration_time or isinstance(expiration_time, Number):
-            self.expiration_time = expiration_time 
+            self.expiration_time = expiration_time
         elif isinstance(expiration_time, datetime.timedelta):
             self.expiration_time = int(expiration_time.total_seconds())