bulk retrieval support via dogpile.cache api

Issue #10 resolved
Marcos Araujo Sobrinho
created an issue


I'm a heavy beaker user planning to upgrade to dogpile.

We're using beaker in two ways: using the decorators and using the api directly (so we can take advantage of the locking system)

Is there any plan to provide an "get_multi" method to the api? Memcache and Redis have support for bulk retrieval and it would be nice if dogpile.cache could support it too...

We could try to create a patch here if you find interesting.

Thanks for the great work!


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  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    so the current plan on this is that methods which are specific to certain backends, you can get to by accessing "backend" on the "region" object, that is, "myregion.backend.some_backend_method()". So there we'd at least need to add methods to the Redis and Memcached backends, and of course making them look as similar as possible to each other would be a great start. Redis of course has an enormous API so I'm not sure we should be implementing the whole API of each backend out. get_multi() is kind of on the edge.

    So I'm cool putting these methods on the backends (pull requests very helpful here), and then as far as it being an agnostic, optional method on region, maybe get/set_multi(). I was hoping to keep region's API really, really basic.

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