name not set for CacheRegion

Issue #27 resolved
Wichert Akkerman
created an issue

The documentation for CacheRegion states that the name parameter is set on the caching region. The constructor forgets to do that though, leaving the region without a cache attribute.

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  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    if it were BZR I'd understand :) ... though the mercurial flow here is pretty much identical to git.... if bitbucket would allow me to swap the repo i could do that for the dogpile products, since im generally defaulting to git now.

  2. Wichert Akkerman reporter

    I think I have git-remote-hg working (included as contrib script with git) on my laptop, I could give that a try to make a pull request tonight. Might also be a useful tool if you want to convert at some point.

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