`wrap` argument (ProxyBackend) does not work on cache_from_config

Issue #41 resolved
created an issue

It appears that the settings in ( file = dogpile.cache.region.py CacheRegion.configure() are not synched with CacheRegion.configure_from_config()

editing line 344 to reflect the following makes it work:

    -   _config_prefix="%sarguments." % prefix
    +   _config_prefix="%sarguments." % prefix ,
    +    wrap = config_dict.get(
    +                        "%swrap" % prefix, None),

This wouldn't come up if you were building the regions entirely off a config file, but if you're using a dict to track multiple regions, this creates an issue.

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  1. Morgan Fainberg

    A temporary fix would be to just call region.wrap(proxy) where needed. But I agree, this would be a nice improvement to the dict configuration mechanism.

    You should issue a pull request with the change!

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