Delete all expired keys

Issue #47 resolved
Antoine Bertin
created an issue

I could find the answer in the docs: is there a way to delete all values for which the keys are expired? I know redis can handle that itself but on other rudimentary backends (file, memory)?

I'd like not to have my cache growing for ever and keeping expired keys.

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  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    backends don't in general have a way to give you a list of all the keys that have been cached. so unless you are keeping track of them all, there's no standard way to know what all those keys are. however, backends like memcached and redis support the removal of keys that have passed an expiration time that's set on the backend. the dogpile redis backend lets you set this time via redis_expiration_time and the memcached backend sets it via memcached_expire_time.

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