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This may be too much of a performance hit, if so -- it's an inappropriate idea.

I needed to create a logging/auditing trail of Dogpile interaction for a Pyramid application -- to track where there were cache hits/misses and what keys are being requested.

The only way I could handle this was to create a ProxyBackend that intercepted select calls, and handled the auditing.

That's not so bad itself -- I've been using this for months. However I couldn't find a good way do deal with tracking the region when I tried to release the code today. I thought about using a factory pattern to create a series "region customized" loggers, but that would limit how the logger is utilized (a user couldn't simply use a config file based setup, there would be a bit of manual work needed).

I started thinking about the SqlAlchemy events model, and wondered if that would be useful in dogpile -- or just overkill.

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