.6x suggestion - change redis lock keys

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the backend locks in redis is named as such (if you use the backend lock):


i'd like to suggest a name change to one of the following:



when inspecting the backends for keys, the current naming scheme is visually confusing - especially if your key begins with the letter "s"

for example, in this key -> lock pairing

 s|glbl|cnt -> _locks|glbl|cnt

when looking at hundreds of keys in a terminal window, this gets crazy confusing.

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  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    well if we change it midway things will really break for someone that upgrades only some of their clients to have the newer version. probably has to just be a config option.

  2. jvanasco reporter

    It does. It also looks like there needs to some magic in there to suppress the errors caused by releasing an expired lock. pull request and sad trombone time :(

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