redis tests flawed because backend uses `pop` instead of `get` on construction

Issue #87 resolved
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The Redis test setup was wiping out backend configuration on first pass. This took 2 hours to pinpoint how(!). backend config arguments kept getting wiped out, resulting in unpredictable test results.

The problem is that the redis backend uses arguments.pop to set up the configuration, while the test suite uses a class attribute to store the configuration. The first run test on the redis backend will clear out the config options for every subsequent test -- forcing them to run on the defaults.

A proper fix is to replace pop with get in the backend.

The only other backend to use pop is memory, which uses it for managing a cache_dict. I'm not sure if that should be converted to get as well.

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  1. jvanasco reporter

    Just ignore my issues for the next day. I have a massive PR coming, and may need to pick & choose bits. Have been creating these as I encounter them.

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