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Grant Jenks
created an issue

Does this project have any benchmarks? I took a quick look at the tests directory but didn't see anything.

I'm creating yet another Python Cache library and I wanted to compare the performance with this popular project.

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  1. Grant Jenks reporter

    Not an issue, per se. Sorry if there was a better channel for asking.

    dogpile.cache looks fast, I just wondered how fast. I can make up a benchmark myself. I just wondered if it already existed.

    You're using this in production? Is the code similar to the sample on the PyPI homepage?

    Thanks for your attention and time.

  2. Morgan Fainberg

    I don't have really clear benchmarks for the overhead of running dogpile.cache, but I can confidently say it's used in production. OpenStack has started relying on dogpile.cache for most caching interfaces and we have some folks in the community that are doing more in depth profiling.

    There is a lot of flexability with dogpile.cache and it tends to vary depending on what you're doing what the cost of utilizing the library will be (memoization decorator, use as a memcache/redis/etc direct interface, proxy objects, async generation of values, etc). For what it's worth, I've been quite happy with dogpile overall.

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