Mike Bayer committed 2690f9c

add option to use environment level keys.

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 # Amazon API key/secret.  
+# Alternatively, set the boto environment
+# and omit the keys here.
 aws_key=<Amazon API key>
 aws_secret=<Amazon API secret>


             raise CommandError("Unknown instance name: %s" % name)
         self.config = config.section_dict("instance_%s" % name)
         self.descriptive_name = self.config['descriptive_name']
-        self._conn = EC2Connection(config['aws_key'], config['aws_secret'])
+        if config.get('aws_key'):
+            self._conn = EC2Connection(config['aws_key'], config['aws_secret'])
+        else:
+            # assume environment.
+            self._conn = EC2Connection()
     def ip_address(self):
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