ec2control / ec2control.ini.SAMPLE

# ec2control section, app wide config.

# name of response template.   See minecraft.mako for
# an example.

# SMTP host to send emails.

# SMTP port to send emails.

# From address.  this will be the from for all emails sent.

# CC address, comma separated, will receive copies of all emails.,

# Amazon API key/secret.  
aws_key=<Amazon API key>
aws_secret=<Amazon API secret>

# instance names.  These names are local to this config and
# don't have to match those used on AWS.
instances=my_instance_one, my_instance_two

# default instance name, optional,
# used if no name is given with "startup" command

# instance sections for each of the above names.

descriptive_name=My Instance
custom_key_one=Some Custom Value

descriptive_name=My Second Instance
custom_key_one=Some Other Custom Value

# Logging configuration
keys = root,ec2control

keys = console

keys = generic

level = WARN
handlers = console
qualname =

level = INFO
handlers =
qualname = ec2control

class = StreamHandler
args = (sys.stderr,)
level = NOTSET
formatter = generic

format = %(levelname)-5.5s [%(name)s] %(message)s
datefmt = %H:%M:%S