ec2control / ec2control /

from boto.ec2.connection import EC2Connection
import time

class CommandError(Exception):

class Instance(object):
    instance = None

    def __init__(self, config, name):
        self.config_file = config
        if name is None:
            if config.get("default_instance"):
                name = config["default_instance"]
                raise CommandError("No instance name specified")
   = name

        if not config.has_section("instance_%s" % name):
            raise CommandError("Unknown instance name: %s" % name)
        self.config = config.section_dict("instance_%s" % name)
        self.descriptive_name = self.config['descriptive_name']
        self._conn = EC2Connection(config['aws_key'], config['aws_secret'])

    def ip_address(self):
        if self.instance:
            return self.instance.ip_address
            return None

    def start(self):
        instances = self._conn.start_instances(instance_ids=[self.config['instance_id']])

        self.instance = inst = instances[0]

        while inst.state == 'pending':

        # grease the wheels, seems to 
        # say "stopped" for a second here

        self.status = inst.state
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